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Covered Bonds

Our covered bonds are bonds issued by TSB and backed by a pool of mortgages. The covered bond programme further enables TSB to meet its funding needs. Investors in the covered bonds will have dual recourse to both TSB and the mortgage pool. This provides additional assurance that the underlying payment obligations will be met either by TSB or using the cashflows from the mortgage pool.

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The Financial Conduct Authority Regulated Covered Bonds Register can be accessed by following this link FCA RCB Register.

To request access to key transaction documents and loan level data for the covered bond programme please follow this link Covered Bond Transaction Documents.

The TSB Bank plc Covered Bond Programme carries the ECBC’s Covered Bond Label. With effect from December 2024, the monthly investor reports for this programme are in the format of the Harmonised Transparency Template and can be obtained via the links below.

Transaction Issue Date Amount Maturity ISIN  
Series 2024-1 05/03/2024 EUR €500m 05/03/2029 XS2774411016 Final Terms
Series 2023-3 10/11/2023 GBP £500m 10/11/2027 XS2717349489 Final Terms
Series 2023-2 15/09/2023 GBP £750m 15/09/2028 XS2675294347 Final Terms
Series 2023-1 14/02/2023 GBP £1bn 14/02/2027 XS2586785672 Final Terms
Series 2021-1 22/06/2021 GBP £500m 22/06/2028 XS2355578787 Final Terms

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