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Business fixed rate bonds

Lock your money away to get better interest rates on your business savings. 

Why choose a TSB business fixed rate bond?

Up to 4.50% gross/ AER interest
For a 12 month fixed term

A savings account with guaranteed returns.

Save up to £5 million
Fixed bonds for all budgets

Choose the amount you want to save.

Choose a 12, 18 or 24 month term
Or open multiple bonds

Pick the fixed rate bond term that works best towards your business's savings goals.

About this account

Lock in your

Interest rates

  • 12-month pays an interest rate of 4.50% Annual Gross/AER (fixed)
  • 18-month pays an interest rate of 4.30% Annual Gross/AER (fixed)
  • 24-month pays an interest rate of 4.15% Annual Gross/AER (fixed)
  • Once you’ve chosen your term, your interest rate will not change
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Pick the

Savings term

  • There are three different terms to choose from 12, 18, and 24 months
  • You cannot withdraw or add to your savings during the account term
  • You can open multiple fixed rate bonds with terms to match your business needs
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To apply

You'll need:

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Your current business bank account details, your business activity and source of funds

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Photo identification e.g. driving licence or passport

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Proof of your home address

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Proof of the business address, if it is not the same as your home address

You must be:

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18 or over

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A UK resident

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A UK registered business

You cannot:

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Be currently declared bankrupt, have County Court Judgments or be subject to an individual voluntary agreement

Useful documents

How do I apply?

New to TSB business banking?

  • Apply online by choosing the fixed term you want
  • Submit your application to secure a fixed rate
  • Complete within 30 minutes


Already a TSB business customer?

Existing TSB business customers can apply soon.

Popular questions


Fixed Rate Bond Interest Rate  
1 Year

Interest rate on balances of £1 or more.

4.50% Annual Gross/AER (fixed)

18 months

Interest rate on balances of £1 or more.

4.30% Annual Gross/AER (fixed)

2 Year

Interest rate on balances of £1 or more.

4.15% Annual Gross/AER (fixed)


You’ll earn interest on balances of £1 and above. Interest is calculated each day and will be paid annually on the anniversary of the account being opened. If the term is less than 1 year, interest is paid at the end of the term.

No, we can’t change the interest rate during the term of your fixed rate bond.

Fixed Rate Bond - 1 year Initial deposit £1,000
  Interest earned at 4.50% Gross/AER (fixed) £45.00
  Estimated balance after 12 months £1,045.00
Fixed Rate Bond - 18 months Initial deposit £1,000
  Interest earned at 4.30% Gross/AER (fixed) £65.19
  Estimated balance after 18 months £1,065.19
Fixed Rate Bond - 2 years Initial deposit £1,000
  Interest earned at 4.15% Gross/AER (fixed) £84.72
  Estimated balance after 24 months £1,084.72

This is an example only and doesn’t take into account your individual circumstances. The example assumes £1,000 is paid into the account on day 1 of the account being opened.

Ways to open
Who can open an account? For a full explanation of who can open one of these accounts, please read section 2 of the terms and conditions.
Open with £1 minimum opening balance. Deposit up to £5 million. Deposits must be received within 14 days of opening your account. After this, no further money can be paid into the account.
Manage your account

Withdrawing money No withdrawals can be made during the fixed term, except in exceptional circumstances. These are explained more in condition 6 of the terms and conditions
Cancelling the account You cannot cancel this account.
What happens at the end of the term? At least 30 days before the end of the term, we’ll write to you asking what you’d like to do with the balance in your account. If you don’t let us know before the end of the term (or we can’t reasonably fulfil your instructions), we’ll transfer the balance to a Matured Funds account or similar account if it is no longer available. We’ll send you full details when we write to you.

Accounts can only be opened in the business name and a maximum of 5 accounts can be opened.

Interest is paid gross (without any deduction for tax). If you are entitled to the Personal Savings Allowance as an individual UK taxpayer and earn interest in excess of this amount, then you may have to pay extra tax yourself. The annual Personal Savings Allowance is currently for basic rate taxpayers and for higher rate taxpayers. Additional rate taxpayers don’t receive a Personal Savings Allowance. Corporate customers (e.g. limited companies) should seek their own tax advice.

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It shows what the interest rate would be if paid and added to the account once each year. It lets you compare savings accounts easily. Gross rate means that credit interest is paid without income tax being deducted.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Your savings are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The scheme protects up to £85,000 (or £85,000 each for joint account holders - £170,000 altogether) of the deposits in your TSB savings and current accounts.

Protecing your money - FSCS

Important Information

18+ & UK based business

AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. It illustrates what your interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded each year and allows you to easily compare different savings accounts. As every advertisement for a savings product, which quotes an interest rate, will contain an AER you will be able to compare more easily what return you can expect from your savings over time