Bereavement and coping with loss

We understand that coping with loss is one of the most difficult times you’ll face and how you cope with bereavement differs from person to person. No matter how you feel, we’re here to help if you need us.

How TSB can help you
Register the death of a TSB customer
Complete the online form
  • Have you registered the death of your loved one? Contact the Registrar of Births and Deaths to make an appointment to register the death.
  • Inform any friends/family/ care workers or any health professionals.
  • Contact financial organisations such as, Banks, Building societies, insurance companies, pension providers etc.
  • Contact utilities such as electricity, gas or phone companies, as well as the DVLA, local government and any other clubs or memberships held.  
  • Deal with the Estate and find out if Probate is needed. Contact the probate registry office to apply for Letters of Administration if needed.

Don't worry if you haven't got all this information to hand. The most important step is making that first call.

Information to have to hand
  • Your sort code and account number
  • Some details about your account, such as monthly instalment amounts or dates of your direct debits
  • Your completed income and expenditure form, or bank statements so we can complete one on the call with you
  • Time. Set aside some time for this call. We want to ensure we discuss all the possible solutions with you
Who to call?

If you’re struggling but are currently managing to maintain your payments please give our customer support unit a call on;

Current account, personal loans or credit cards - 0345 609 9283

Or if you have a mortgage with us - 0345 835 5404

If you’ve already missed a payment, don’t worry, our payment assistance team will be able to support you on the numbers below.

Mortgages - 0345 835 5404
Personal loans - 0345 600 8973
Credit cards - 0345 600 8972
Current accounts - 0345 600 8973

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