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Money Worries

If you're struggling with the cost of living, debt or saving money, you're not alone. We're here to help you get the support you need.

Cost of living

Sort out your finances

Knowing where your money's going each month allows you to plan ahead, budget, and save for the future.

Purse with card sticking out

Planning your budget

With Money Helper's Budget Planner you can see exactly how you're spending your hard-earned cash – from from your everyday expenses to those luxury treats.

Plan now


Lowering your energy bills

Get practical tips from The Energy Saving Trust and Snugg on how to reduce your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient. It’s about thinking smarter to make bigger savings.

Reduce your energy bills

Increase your homes energy efficiency


Benefits calculator

People in the UK miss out on benefits and tax credits worth more than £10 billion a year. Make sure you’re not one of them with StepChange’s free online checker.

Don’t miss out

Things we might be able to do to help:

  • Review your finances to help you pay important bills.
  • Help you plan your budget.
  • Put a hold on or refund some fees, interest or charges.

Managing debt

No matter how much you owe, we’ll do our best to get you back on track. Remember that missing payments or going into an unarranged overdraft will affect your credit file and make it more difficult to borrow money in the future.

It's also a good idea to try and tackle debt early so you can stop it from getting out of hand. The longer you borrow money for, the more it will cost you as you pay more interest. This can increase what you owe and make it harder to repay.

Things we might be able to do to help:

  • Give you breathing room with a repayment holiday for a TSB mortgage or loan.*
    *you’ll pay more interest overall and it may take you longer to repay.
  • Create a more manageable payment plan for your existing TSB debts.
  • We may be able to combine multiple debts into a single, more cost-effective option.

Extra Support

We’ve teamed up with carefully selected providers that can offer help and support when it matters most. Asking for information or guidance will not impact your credit file and can be the first step to finding a better solution. 

Get debt advice from StepChange

StepChange offers free, confidential, and unbiased financial advice to get you out of debt.


Find support with Lightning Reach

Lightning Reach helps you find financial support such as grants, local schemes and discounted tariffs.

Lightening Reach

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Problem debt - Your questions answered

One in six people in Britain has a debt problem, which means that more people than you think may be grappling with the same issues as you.

How can I budget to be financially fit

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to take control and make the most of your money.

Product Help

I’m worried about…

  • I’ve gone over my overdraft, what happens now?
  • I’m struggling with overdraft interest charges.
  • I’ve been using my overdraft a lot or I have received a communication about ‘repeat overdraft usage’.

How we might be able to help:

  • A pause in overdraft charges could help you get back on track.
  • A repayment plan to help you pay off an unarranged overdraft.

Useful resources

Tips to reduce your overdraft (PDF)

TSB: Current account overdraft

I’m worried about…

  • I’m worried about losing my home if I can’t keep up with my mortgage.
  • My mortgage costs me too much each month.

How we might be able to help:

  • With a plan to get your payments back on track.

  • With a temporary reduction in payment amount, or a payment holiday. This is subject to criteria and may result in you paying more interest overall. 

  • Combine multiple debts into a single, more cost-effective option.

  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payment, for example by switching to a new fixed rate or extending your term. Note, extending your term means paying more overall.

We have signed the Mortgage Charter to help mortgage customers, who are struggling with rising interest rates, get back on track and feel more confident about their money. Find out more.

Useful resources

Facing financial difficulty

Switch your mortgage

TSB: Existing Mortgage Customers

Citizens Advice: Mortgage problems

I'm worried about…

  • I’ve missed a loan payment.
  • My loan costs me too much each month.

How we might be able to help:

  • A repayment holiday could help. It's subject to eligibility, approval and conditions. And if you take a repayment holiday, the length of your loan will increase, meaning you'll pay more interest overall. Read more about loan repayment holidays.
  • Change your repayment plan to make your monthly payments more manageable.

Useful resources

MoneySavingExpert: debt help information

I’m worried about…

  • Living off my credit card and the balance keeps rising.
  • I need some breathing room from mounting interest costs.
  • I’ve received a ‘persistent debt’ letter.

How we might be able to help:

  • Changing your payment date to a day that suits you better.
  • Help you set up a Direct Debit to help you meet your minimum payment on time and avoid late fees.

Useful resources

TSB: Four simple rules to using Credit Cards

TSB: Credit cards - What is ‘persistent debt’

I’m worried about…

  • Not having enough for an unexpected expense (e.g. Car or Home repair)

  • Not having enough money for a family holiday

  • Not having enough money to buy Christmas, birthday presents 

How we might be able to help:

  • Savings Pots - set yourself goals and track how your Savings Pots are growing. Put money aside in up to 5 individual Savings Pots.

  • Save the Pennies - round up every debit card payment to the nearest pound. The difference goes straight into your Savings Pot or any other eligible TSB savings account.

For money saving tips and ideas, visit our Tiny Tips page.

Information Icon

The quickest way to pay your overdraft or loan is via the mobile banking app or Internet Banking.

You can also use our automated telephone service; visit our contact us page, call the number for your account type and follow the instructions.

Life’s challenges and your money

We understand life comes with challenges that can have an impact on your finances and your wellbeing. We’re here to help you find a tailored financial solution to support your circumstances.

I’m worried about…

  • Getting behind with my bills.
  • I think my employer has treated me unfairly.
  • I have a reduced income, and can’t keep up with payments.

How we might be able to help, depending on your circumstances:

  • Give you a repayment holiday on your loan or mortgage.

  • Pause interest and charges for a period.

  • Explain what options are available to you.

 Useful resources

TSB: Redundancy and reduced income

Citizen’s Advice: Work

I’m worried about…

  • What do I do after someone dies? 
  • I’ve been left to settle the deceased’s debts
  • I can’t keep up my payments

How we might be able to help:

  • Refer you to a trusted independent service for help

  • Explain what options you have available

Useful resources

TSB: Bereavement

Citizen’s Advice: Death and wills

Im worried about…

  • I’m worried that my long term illness or disability is affecting my money.I think my employer has treated me unfairly.

How we might be able to help:

  • Understand your circumstances and we will work together to support you.

Useful resources

TSB: Support with chronic illness

Money Helper: Illness and disability

I’m worried about…

  • My gambling is affecting my finances and family.
  • Not being able to stop using gambling websites or apps.

How we might be able to help:

  • We can offer you support and guidance on how to deal with a gambling problem.

  • We can support by adding a gambling block through our mobile banking app. If you are 18 or over and have a TSB debit card, you can apply a gambling block by tapping ‘Manage Cards’ in the TSB Mobile Banking App.


Useful resources

TSB: Support for gambling.

Stepchange: Gambling and betting debts.

Experiencing domestic or financial abuse?

Our branches are a safe space for you to come in and talk to us or you can give us a call. Learn more about the warning signs, what you can do, and how we can help you.


Money worries affecting your mental health?

Worrying about finances can impact anyone's mental health, but don't bury your head in the sand. We're here to support you. Get in touch or use one of the links below for some online resources that could help. Money Helper: Money and mental wellbeing

Get free, independent financial support

If you feel like your finances are getting on top of you, and you want to reach out for extra help, the following organisations are a great place to start. From money and debt advice, to support with your mental health, you’ll find all the details you need below.

Asking for information or guidance will not impact your credit file and can be the first step to finding a better solution. 

Money Wellness

Money and debt advice over the phone and online.

Money Helper

0800 138 7777

Citizens Advice

0800 144 8848


0800 138 1111

National Debtline

0808 808 4000

Support if gambling is affecting your finances.


0808 8020 133

Mental health support.


0300 123 3393


116 123

Insolvency Support.

If you think you are, or about to become insolvent, you should seek independent professional help.

Government advice about insolvency

The Insolvency Service is a government agency that could offer support to you if you're concerned you may be insolvent. 

Important Information

You must be 18+ and a UK resident only to use Snugg’s services.

TSB is an introducer to Snugg. We can’t give you advice about the services they provide. So think carefully when deciding if the services they recommend are right for you.