We've got you covered

Protecting your personal details and your money is our top priority.

We’re using the high level of security you’d expect to keep your money secure. 

What we do

Fraud detection systems

Our fraud detection systems are monitoring your accounts 24/7. We're on the look out for suspicious activity

Automatic log off

If there’s no activity on your online banking for 10 minutes, we’ll automatically log you off.

Use it or lose it

If you don’t log into your Internet banking for more than 12 months, we’ll disable the account.

Device profiling

Our systems keep a record of the devices you use. If a different device from a strange place tries to log in, we’ll catch it.

Data encryption

When banking online, all your data is transferred securely and encrypted.

Set up payments securely

When setting up a new payment, we’ll double check it’s really you doing it. We’ll do it with an automated call.

Report Suspected fraud

03459 758 758 (UK)          
0345 835 3843  (Textphone) 

Please note our fraud lines are open: 
Monday - Saturday: 7am - 10pm 
Sunday: 9am - 6pm 

If you have received a suspicious email, don’t reply and don’t click any links. Forward it to emailscams@tsb.co.uk and let us take it from there.

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How to recognise fraud

Do you suspect fraud? 

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Bank over the phone 24/7 using our automated service - call 03459 758 758.

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