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How to recognise fraud

Whether it’s £10 or £10,000 avoid scams and fraud – and keep your money safe.

Spot the warning signs

Check these 3 things before you move any money.

Does it feel urgent? If someone's trying to panic you into sending money, it's a scam. Even if it's someone you know, double-check.

Is it a great offer? If an offer seems too good to be true, be suspicious.

Are you sure it’s genuine? Each time you spend money online, ask yourself ‘Could this be a scam?

Something doesn’t feel right? Contact us straight away.

Phone calls and emails from TSB

We'll help you recognise whether it's really us or not.

How do I know it’s really TSB phoning me?

  • If someone calls saying your money’s not safe and tells you to move it into a ‘safe’ bank account, it’s a scam.
  • If anyone calls asking for your PIN, it's a scam. TSB will never ask you for your PIN.
  • If you get a call asking for your full Password or memorable information, it’s a scam.
  • If you call us, we may ask you for certain characters from your memorable information to verify your identity

Think it's a fake call?

  •  If in doubt, end the call and Contact us straight away.

How do I know it’s a genuine email from TSB?

  • We will always greet you personally with your name.
  • We’ll always include the last 4 digits of your TSB current account number or...
  • The last 4 digits of your other TSB product account number or…
  • The last 3 digits of your postcode
  • Our email addresses end in ‘’

Think it’s a fake email?

Don’t reply or click on anything – forward the details to and we’ll take it from there.

How do I know it’s a genuine text message from TSB?

  • Scam texts often have spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Watch out for links as they could take you to a website that will steal your details.

Watch this government video on how to spot a fake text message.

Think it’s a fake message?

Don’t reply or click on anything. Forward the text message to 7726 to report it to Ofcom as a scam.

How do I know I'm logging on to the real TSB website?

  • Only use the official TSB website to log in We have ‘https:' at the beginning, which means it’s a secure site you’re visiting.
  • Bookmark the official TSB website login page in your browser so you know it's always the right link.
  • Turn on pop-up blockers in your browser.

Want to know more about the types of scam out there?

Action Fraud offers practical advice on how to spot scams and how to protect yourself.

National Fraud and Cyber Crime reporting Centre - 0300 123 2040

Take 5 to stop fraud

Think you can spot a scam?

Try this quiz from the Take Five campaign.

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