Balance transfer credit cards

Want to move your high-interest debt to a lower rate?

Our Platinum balance transfer card has up to 24 months of 0% interest, then 22.9% APR (variable).

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Balance transfer credit cards explained

  • With a balance transfer credit card you can move high-interest debt to a lower rate, making it easier to pay off.
  • Your credit limit, promotional period, and interest rates will vary based on your circumstances.
  • To keep your promotional rates, you’ll need to stay within your credit limit and make your monthly payments on time.



What is this Balance transfer credit card good for?


Interest-free borrowing

Enjoy 24 months of no interest payments by transferring outstanding debt.


Everything in one place

Instead of juggling credit or store cards, move it all onto one card.


Pay off debt faster

With less interest to pay, you could clear your debt faster.


Our Platinum balance transfer credit card benefits

0% interest for 24 months on any balance transferred.

Balance transfers: mimimum £100 up to maximum 95% of credit limit from UK cards only (excluding TSB credit cards).

A 2.95% fee for balance transfers made in the first 90 days.

Balance transfers: mimimum £100 up to maximum 95% of credit limit from UK cards only (excluding TSB credit cards).

0% interest on any purchases made in your first 3 months.

Purchases exclude cash advances, gambling transactions and payment protection premiums.

Pay through contactless, or set it up on Apple or Google Pay.

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What you need to apply

  • Your current address in the UK

  • Details of any balance that you wish to transfer

  • Your bank account number and sort code

  • You must be 18 or over

  • A UK resident

  • Have a regular income

  • Not be currently declared bankrupt, have County Court Judgments or be subject to an individual voluntary agreement.


How do I apply?

Already a TSB customer?

  • Log in to Internet Banking
  • Apply for a new card
  • Complete in just minutes


Not a customer?

  • Apply online
  • Give us a few details
  • Complete in just minutes

If you prefer to apply in branch or through a telephone, you can book an appointment in advance.


Any questions?

A balance transfer is when you move the debt from one or more existing credit cards to a single credit. The benefits of making a balance transfer are that typically you will be charged less interest, or will make lower monthly repayments.

To carry out a balance transfer, you simply move the outstanding balance from one credit card onto another. The balance is then owed on the new card, typically at a lower interest rate or with an interest free period.

A balance transfer does not close the old account. The old credit card can still be used; however, this could result in further interest being charged.

  • A variety of ways to manage your account: online, by phone through one of our UK based call centres, or at a TSB branch

  • Clicksafe® to help keep your details secure when shopping online
  • Active account monitoring to spot any suspicious spending

  • Overseas emergency telephone assistance if you lost your card abroad

  • Receive Overseas Alerts when your card has been used in a foreign country. To opt in, opt out and amend your settings, use the form below. We’ve chosen Adobe to support us with our digital processes by using their ‘Adobe Sign’ software. Adobe is a separate data controller from TSB, and any personal data you provide will be sent to Adobe and processed in accordance with their terms and conditions of service. You may wish to read their Adobe Terms of Use and Consumer Disclosure before using the following link. Update Your Overseas Alerts

There may be lots of different reasons you might need to bank with us differently, either in the short term, or on a continuing basis. It could be because of your physical or mental wellbeing, or because of a life event you’ve experienced. Whatever the reason, we are committed to tailoring our support to your personal needs.

If you choose to tell us about your individual support needs, we will take the time to understand your circumstances and work with you to make sure you have the support you need when banking with TSB. We can add a Support Indicator to your account, which means whenever you talk to us, we'll be aware that you may need tailored support.