Platinum Added Value Account (no longer on sale)

Our Platinum Added Value Account is no longer available to new customers.

The Platinum Account has a single maintaining the account fee of £20 (monthly).

Be aware that if you move overseas you may no longer be eligible for the insurance benefits. Please refer to the Platinum Account Welcome pack & Terms and Conditions for full details.

  • Worldwide Family Travel Insurance with winter sports for you and your partner (if both under 80 years of age) for up to 45 days per trip in duration (Winter sports are covered up to a maximum of 31 days in total in any calendar year). There is no limit to the number of trips which can be taken

  • Comprehensive cover, including: emergency medical cover* (up to £10,000,000), cancelling your trip or coming home early (up to £5,000), accidental death or permanent disability benefit(up to £100,000), travel disruption cover (up to £5,000), possessions cover (up to £2,500) and new for old replacement (for baggage up to two years old)

  • Winter Sports cover (Winter Sports cover is not available over 65 years of age if you have never participated in winter sports previously)

  • A wide range of upgrades options available including wedding and golf cover

  • No need to renew your insurance each year as you're covered as long as you are a Platinum Account holder (subject to eligibility)

You must tell us about any medical conditions that you are aware of affecting anyone covered by the policy - failure to do so may affect your claim - please refer to the policy documents for full details of the exclusions.

Platinum travel policy document from 1st February 2017 (PDF)

Subject to approval. You must tell us about any medical conditions that you are aware of affecting anyone covered by the policy - failure to do so may affect your claim - please refer to the policy documents for full details of the exclusions.
  • Roadside Assistance - if you break down more than a quarter of a mile from home and if the AA can't fix your vehicle at the roadside, they'll take you, your vehicle and up to seven passengers to a local garage
  • Home Start - help at or within a quarter of a mile from your home
  • Relay - recovery to any single UK destination of your choice if the AA is unable to fix your car at the roadside or arrange a prompt local repair
  • You're covered whether you are in you own car or someone else's
  • Accident Management - Help in arranging the repair, recovery and claim processing for vehicles following an accident or vandalism where you are claiming under your motor insurance
  • No need to renew your AA cover each year as it lasts as long as you are a Platinum Account holder

Platinum AA breakdown cover Terms and Conditions (PDF, 600KB)

  • Covers one phone for sole account holders or two phones for joint account holders, in the UK or abroad
  • Covers phones up to a maximum individual original retail cost or value of £2,000 including VAT
  • Covers repair or replacement of your handset where your phone is lost, stolen or cannot be fixed. Replacements may be from reconditioned stock.
  • Covers the cost of unauthorised calls made - up to £1500 for contract phones, and up to £300 for pay-as-you-go phones
  • Pay no interest on an Arranged Overdraft up to £150, subject to application and approval.

  • You can apply to increase any Arranged Overdraft you have. Any amount above the £150 interest and fee free amount will be subject to our standard interest rates which can be found in our Banking Charges Guide.

  • Avoid unexpected Overdraft interest with our grace period

Subject to application and approval.

Mobile Phone Insurance, Aviva Travel Insurance and AA Breakdown Cover are only available to customers who are UK residents (including residents in the Channel Islands & Isle of Man). Registration is recommended to benefit from certain features and you should check the Terms and Conditions of cover to confirm requirements. Insurance benefits are provided by selected third party providers. For full details of providers, cover, exclusions and limitations please refer to the welcome pack.

  • Apple Pay is available with this account

Rates and charges

It's important that you understand how your account works.

We've added information below about our interest rates and you can find all the documents relevant to this account in the Important documents section.

Maintaining the account fee (monthly)

The Platinum Account costs £20 a month, which covers all benefits.

Platinum account overdraft interest rates

Account Interest charged
39.90% EAR* (Monthly interest 2.84%)

These rates are correct as at 02/04/2020. Interest rates are variable.

How does my overdraft compare?

A good way to compare the cost of our overdraft with other overdrafts or other ways of borrowing is to look at the APR. The APR shows the cost of borrowing over a year. Our representative APR is 62.9%. This is based on an assumed arranged overdraft of £1,200 and includes the effect of maintaining the monthly account fee.

View previous rates

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These services are available if you are over 16.

Your TSB Visa debit card is an amazing piece of plastic. Accepted in millions of places and cash machines worldwide, it's incredibly convenient. It's just as safe to use abroad as at home, so it's a simple alternative to carrying cash.

More about the Visa debit card

If your account goes over its limit, our Grace Period means that you have until 10pm (UK Time) to pay in enough money to avoid any overdraft interest you may incur that day.

If you'd like to have one, we'll give you a TSB Cheque Book as well.

A joint account is simply a bank account in the name of two or more people. You can either convert your existing bank account into a joint account by adding someone else to it, or open a new account in two people's names.

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  • Convenient way to share outgoings like shopping, bills, mortgage or rent payments

  • You'll both get your own Visa debit card for payments and cash

  • You can still keep your own current account and open an additional TSB joint account, and move money between the two accounts easily

Important things to remember

Along with the benefits of opening a joint account, there are also extra responsibilities. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Each person can make withdrawals, use cash machines or apply for an overdraft without needing the other's approval

Apply for a joint account

You can open a joint account or add someone to your existing account at your nearest branch. You'll both need to go into a branch so that you can provide identification in person.

Platinum Added Value Account FAQs

Travel Insurance and pre-existing medical conditions

  • If you have an Added Value Account with travel insurance, then the cost of this will be included in the monthly maintaining the account fee. Please check the terms and conditions of your policy to see what (if any) pre existing medical conditions are covered. If you have told the insurer about a pre-existing medical condition they may ask you to complete a medical screening to make sure that you have the appropriate level of cover for your individual circumstances.
  • If the insurer is unable to offer cover to you or anyone else intended to be covered by this policy due to a pre-existing medical condition, then you may be able to obtain cover from a specialist travel insurance firm.  
  • The Money and Pensions Service has details of specialist insurers in their Travel Directory. ‘To access the directory please visit or call 0800 138 7777. Please be aware you may not be able to find cover for undiagnosed symptoms and you may be made to wait until you have a diagnosis before receiving cover elsewhere.
  • Please note: any cover that you obtain via this route will be in addition to the travel insurance that you already have with your Added Value Account. It will have a separate cost and could mean you have dual cover.
  • If this is the case, you may want to think about whether your Added Value Account remains appropriate for your needs.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel advice for TSB Added Value Account customers

If your travel company is asking you to provide proof of insurance please refer to this page. If you need to make a claim, please ensure you have contacted your travel and accommodation provider to discuss your options. Travel insurance only provides cover for your non-refundable costs.

Find out about our  travel insurance and coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for travellers with a TSB Added Value Account.

Overdrafts are subject to application and approval and are repayable on demand.
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