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How to change your Added Value Account

For us to be able to change your account to a Spend & Save account, you will need to complete the ‘Online Change of Account Form’.  You can only change Select, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier Added Value accounts using this form.

For information on changing any other TSB current accounts to a Spend & Save acccount, or if you are unable to use this form, please contact your local branch.

How does my account compare?

Account features Spend & Save Select Silver Gold Platinum Premier
TSB contactless Visa debit card
Grace period - You'll have until 10pm (UK time) to pay in enough money to avoid any arranged overdraft charges you may incur on that day.
Cheque book
Joint account
Save the Pennies
Savings Pots X X X X X
Auto Balancer X X X X X
Breakdown Cover X
Mobile Phone insurance X
Travel insurance X X
Interest Free Arranged Overdraft X

You will no longer have an interest free overdraft amount on your new Spend and Save account.  You will be charged interest on the whole amount of your Arranged Overdraft (if you have one), and all other terms and conditions of the Arranged Overdraft will remain the same.  Any outstanding charges on your existing account will be moved to your new Spend & Save account.

Find out more information about our Overdrafts.

If you change to a Spend & Save account, you will lose the insurance benefits from your previous Added Value Account, as well as the Interest Fee Arranged Overdraft amount. Please be aware that TSB no longer sell Added Value Accounts, therefore you will not be able to transfer back at a later date. You should review your insurance arrangements to ensure your insurance needs are covered before changing your account.

You will receive a new TSB contactless debit card.  Your existing card will continue to work for 30 days.  However, as soon as you use your new card, your old card will stop working.

Your existing Direct Debits, standing orders and regular payments will remain in place and unchanged. You don’t have to do anything.

Once we've received your request, we'll convert your existing account to a Spend & Save account within 7 working days. Once this is complete, we'll send a confirmation email to the email address you have registered for TSB Internet Banking. You will also be able to see when your account has been converted to Spend & Save when you login to your Internet Banking account. (However please note that if you have previously re-named your account in Internet Banking, this will remain in place). If we are unable to convert your account for any reason, we'll endeavour to contact you by email.

Your sort code and account number will remain the same.  You can find your existing sort code and account number on your bank statement, bank card or through internet banking.

Online Change of Account form

Complete the online form (see below)

Please complete the online form if you want to change your Select, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier Added Value account to a Spend & Save account.

To complete the online form you will need access to a smartphone and to verify yourself using a Passport or Photo Driving licence. You will also need your existing Select, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Premier Added Value account sort code and account number which can be found on your statement, bank card and when you log into internet banking.

We use Adobe Sign for this kind of request. Adobe will pass the information you provide to us in a secure manner and won’t process it in any other way.

Information on how we use your data can be found in our Data Privacy Notice.

 Screen reader users are advised to use an alternative channel