ISAs (Individual Saving Accounts)

It always makes good sense to think about saving in an Individual Savings Account (ISA). Unlike other savings accounts, money in an ISA is tax free irrespective of the balance of your ISA and how much income tax you pay.

And ISAs have just got a lot more flexible. This means that you'll be able to withdraw and replace money from your cash ISA (subject to any applicable withdrawal charges) without it counting towards your annual ISA allowance for that year, as long as you replace the money in the same tax year as the withdrawal.

The government sets the limit, known as your annual allowance, for each tax year, which runs from 6 April to 5 April. This year from 6 April 2018, your allowance is £20,000.

Tax-free means the interest paid will be free from UK Income Tax. The tax advantages depend on your individual circumstances and the tax treatment of your ISA may change in the future.

ISA guide

Everything you need to know about ISAs and how to make the most of your annual ISA allowance.

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Cash ISA Saver

  • Open from just £1

  • Instant access with no charge for withdrawals

  • Balances of £1+ will receive a variable rate of 0.60% Tax free/AER (variable), which includes a fixed introductory bonus of 0.30% for 12 months from date of account opening.

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2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

  • Fixed interest rate

  • Interest is 1.70% Tax free/AER fixed

  • Minimum opening balance of £3,000

  • Interest paid from £1

  • Withdrawal charges apply

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Junior Cash ISA

  • For children under the age of 18

  • 3.25% Tax free/AER variable

  • Open from just £1

  • Once the child reaches 18, the account will mature into a Cash ISA Saver with bonus

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Got an ISA to transfer to us?

  • To transfer an existing ISA to us, you need to complete our online ISA transfer form
  • Once we've received this, we'll ask your existing provider to transfer the money to us
  • We'll pay interest at your new rate from the day we receive your completed transfer application - provided your funds are free to move
  • If there is a delay in the transfer because your existing ISA has a notice period or restriction, your current provider will let us know when it will be free to move to us and we'll pay the interest from that date
  • Check with your current provider if there are any costs to transfer your cash ISA
  • Cash ISAs will take no more than 15 working days to transfer
  • Stocks and shares or innovative finance ISAs will take no more than 30 days to transfer. To transfer an innovative finance ISA you will need to pop into branch
  • You cannot transfer a Lifetime ISA to us
  • Remember if you withdraw money from a previous ISA with another provider, you will need to replace the withdrawn money before you transfer it to us, otherwise you will no longer be able to repay that money in to your ISA, and it won't be tax-free
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