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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - If you have been impacted directly or indirectly by Coronavirus you may benefit from taking a repayment holiday. Find out more about a Mortgage Repayment Holiday.



While rates are so low at the moment, it's a great time to pay off that little bit extra if you can.

You could make one-off or regular extra payments to reduce your mortgage balance. Whichever way you decide you'll usually end up paying less interest overall. It is important to remember that any extra payments cannot normally be refunded at a later date. Plus, you may have to pay a early repayment charges if you repay more than a certain amount, usually 10% of your mortgage balance, each year. Remember to talk to us first so we can explain exactly what will happen and, where possible, give you the result you want.

What happens when you make extra mortgage payments?

One-off lump sums

If you make one-off, lump sum payments, you can either:

  • Reduce the term of your mortgage and your monthly payments will stay the same (repayment loans only), or,
  • Reduce your future monthly payments and leave your mortgage term unchanged (repayment and interest-only loans).
Note: depending on the terms and conditions of your mortgage early repayment charges may apply.

Regular payments

If you want to pay a bit more each month (make a regular overpayment), you can either:

  • Talk to us first and we'll shorten your mortgage term which will make your monthly payments higher so you repay your mortgage sooner than originally planned (repayment mortgages only); or
  • Decide on a fixed amount extra to pay every month, leaving the term as it is, which will result in your future monthly payments being reduced after you've made your overpayments.

Set up, amend or cancel a regular overpayment

Complete the form below to set up, amend or cancel a regular mortgage overpayment. You’ll need your mortgage account number, which can be found on your mortgage statement or other mortgage related letters.

Read our privacy policy to find out how we use your data: Privacy Policy

Regular mortgage overpayment form

One-off lump sums

You can pay part of your mortgage whenever you want. They are known as lump-sum overpayments. When you make a payment, your mortgage balance will be reduced on the day we receive the money, and you'll start to be charged less interest. Then, because your balance is lower, you can either:

  • Keep paying your current monthly payment so that you repay your mortgage sooner. However, when we next re-calculate your monthly payment, for example at an interest rate change, we will set the new monthly payment to a level that will repay your mortgage over the current mortgage term. Or
  • Ask us to re-calculate your monthly payment immediately, so that you get to reduce your monthly payments but still repay your loan by the end of the current mortgage term. Or
  • If your mortgage is set up on a repayment basis, you can apply to change the remaining term. If you do this, you will need to speak to one of our Mortgage Advisors who will check that you can afford the monthly payments over the new term and advise you if this is right for you.

If you make a lump-sum overpayment, it can't normally be refunded at a later date.


An early repayment charges applies on some mortgages. You may have to pay an early repayment charge if, during your early repayment charge period, you repay more than a certain amount of your mortgage or switch to a new mortgage deal. As a current concession you can make, each year, extra payments of up to 10% of the mortgage balance (as at 1st January) before a charge applies. We may reduce or withdraw this concession but will give you three months notice before we do.

The limit on any extra payments you can make each year before the charge applies is 10% of the mortgage balance outstanding on 1st January each year. This means you can pay up to 10% of your mortgage balance before incurring the charge, unless you go on to repay or change the rest of the loan within the next six months. The charge varies, depending on how long you have left on your mortgage deal.

As you can see, there can be different results if you make a lump-sum overpayment - so it's always best to contact us to let us know what you want to happen.

Find out more about early repayment charges

If you've been making regular overpayments so that you are ahead with your mortgage, you can make reduced payments for a while or even miss a payment up to the amount of those overpayments. However, if the term or monthly payments of your mortgage have changed and the change has taken previous overpayments into account, then those overpayments will no longer be available for making underpayments.

Request a payment holiday

You can also apply to suspend your payments if you have not been overpaying your mortgage. Any application for a payment holiday will be subject to the criteria in force at that time. If you'd like to request a payment holiday, please call us on 0345 835 3380.

Repayment Holidays - (COVID-19) impacted customers.

If you are looking for a repayment holiday due to COVID-19, please click here

Repayment Holidays – Non-Coronavirus impacted customers

A Payment Holiday is where you can apply to take a break from paying your usual monthly mortgage payments. If you are impacted by COVID19, please see above section titled Repayment Holidays - (COVID-19) impacted customers.

For some customers, Payment Holidays may have previously been referred to as Instalment breaks.

Subject to an application meeting the criteria, Payment Holidays are available for a period of between one or two months and you can make an application for a payment holiday once every three years. The maximum number of months permitted for a payment holiday is six months over the life of the mortgage.

Payment Holidays are available for a variety of reasons, usually to assist with a temporary change to your circumstances, like a change in employment or unexpected or unforeseen vehicle or household expenditure.

You may be eligible to apply for a Payment Holiday if:

  • It's been at least twelve months since you took out your mortgage and six months since you took any additional borrowing with us
  • Your loan-to-valuation is less than 75%
  • Your mortgage payments are up to date

Although we try to help as many customers as possible, there will be some cases where a payment holiday may not be available to you. These include the following:

  • If you have had previous payment holidays totalling six monthso If your loan-to-valuation exceeds 75%
  • If your mortgage is conducted on a Shared Ownership, Consent to Lease or Buy-to-Let basis
  • Your mortgage is in arrears

We'll help you to move with the times. After six months of having a mortgage with us, and up until your mortgage comes to an end, you could apply to borrow more. So you can make plans to improve your home or look forward to a special event.

More about additional borrowing

Servicing your mortgage

If you're thinking of paying off your mortgage and would like to know how much you owe, we can provide you with a redemption statement. This will also show any early repayment charge and Closing Administration Charge that may be payable.

Depending on your status, you'll need to provide slightly different information. Are you:

  • The homeowner?
  • The solicitor?
  • Acting as a third party on behalf of the customer homeowner?

Once you have this information, you can request a redemption statement.

You should receive your redemption statement within 7 working days.

Order a certificate of interest by calling us on 0345 835 3380.

If you've had a change to your telephone number or email address, please call us on 0345 835 3380.

For other changes to your mortgage account, such as changing the length of your mortgage term or renting out your property please call us on 0800 056 1088 to discuss these changes. A charge may be payable for some services.

To change your direct debit, please call us on 0345 835 3380.

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