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Help if you’re a carer or being cared for

There are 5.7 million* unpaid carers in the UK supporting vulnerable people every day. And we know how much time, energy and money caring can take. We can offer ways to ease the pressure, whether you’re a carer yourself, or one of the cared-for.

If you’re caring for someone

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Are you a carer?

You probably are if you regularly do these sorts of things for someone:

  • Grocery shopping or food preparation
  • Helping with medical appointments
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Regular housekeeping or cleaning
  • Managing their finances

Here’s how to get an official carers assessment’ from your local council:

Carer's assessment (

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Benefits you can apply for

If you qualify as a carer you could get financial support.

Take a payment holiday

Does caring cause you to take time off work or other expenses? We could offer you a payment holiday:

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For loans

You can apply for a 1-month holiday, twice in 12 months.2 Apply via ‘Your accounts’ in the app.

 Or call us on 0345 835 3861
Lines open 8am-7:30pm Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm Sat

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For a mortgage

You can apply for a 6-month holiday, once in 2 years.3

 Call us on 0345 835 3374
Lines open 8am-7:30pm Mon-Fri, 8am-12pm Sat

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Just so you know, a payment holiday doesn’t stop your interest being charged each month, so you’ll pay more overall.

If you’re being cared for

The first step is to tell us.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know that you have a carer. It’s all confidential and only used to help you access our services better. We put a note on your account so we know to give you more time or help when you contact us.

 Call us on Lines open 0800 876 8787 8am and 8pm

 Come in and talk to us. Find your nearest branch: Branch locator

 Tell us via Chat in the TSB app.


Communicate with us using sign language with our SignVideo service, available 8am-6pm Monday to Friday

Personal banking:

Business banking:

BT Relay UK 

Call us using the prefix '18001’ either from a text phone, or through the RelayUK app.

Make your banking easier

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Pay more easily

Find it hard to remember PINs or enter card details? Try tapping instead by going contactless, or using Apple Pay4 or Google Pay5.

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Bank on your phone

Trouble getting around? Just pick up your phone and use our mobile app for your daily banking.



Speak face to face

Need to talk to a person? Make a video appointment and speak to us in the comfort of your own home.


**We use Adobe Sign for this kind of booking. Adobe don’t use your data, they simply pass it on to us securely. Need to find our more? Read our Privacy Notice


Get support from outside TSB


Lightning Reach offers personalised support 

Lightning Reach is an easy-to-use portal that helps you find and apply for financial support such as grants, benefits, local schemes, and discounted tariffs.

Sign up

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Things to decide together

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Money management

If a person is struggling to handle their finances, a carer can be allowed to do some of it for them, by having 'third party access.’ 

You should discuss and agree this together.

It means a carer can phone the bank or go to a branch on their behalf, or even use their debit card or mobile app.

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Payment freezes

If the way someone spends is worrying for any reason, we can put a temporary freeze on it.

You should discuss and agree this together.

We can put a freeze on:

  • Contactless cards
  • Chip and pin cards
  • Online and phone payments
  • Cash withdrawals

How to freeze your TSB debit card


Important information

*5.7 million unpaid carers

Figure from CarersUK

2) Loan payment holiday | Return to Loan payment holiday

Loan payment holidays cannot be taken on consecutive months. Subject to approval.

3) Mortgage payment holiday | Return to Mortgage payment holiday

Subject to approval.

4) Apple Pay | Return to Apple Pay

Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries. Apple Pay and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc

5) Google Pay | Return to Google Pay

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. Android, Google Pay, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC