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Welcome to our 'frequently asked questions' (or FAQs) page. This is where we have answers to the questions we are most often asked about, the dangers of fraud and how you can protect yourself. 

You want it to be completely unique to you. And not easily guessed by a human or computer.

Your TSB password has to be a minimum of six characters and include a mixture of numbers and letters. Avoid easy to guess passwords such as ‘password1’ or ‘hello123’.

Some people think of sentences and take the first or last letters of each word, for example, “I grew up at 13 Yellow street” could easily become ‘Igrupat13Yest’ using the first letters of each word. You’ll never forget where you grew up, got engaged or your first pet.

Passwords made up with phrases are memorable and almost impossible to guess.

If you received a call, don’t provide any details. Don’t enter your PIN or any banking details. It may be a fraudster.

Hang up and dial 1471, noting the number the call came from.

If you received a text, don’t click on any links.

Call our Fraud Prevention Team straight away on 0800 096 8669 (from abroad +44 (0)1733 286359).

You need not worry about banking online with TSB. We’ve a large number of precautions and security measures in place. As long as you act responsibly and keep your information secret, you’re protected.

We’re dealing with your money and so, sometimes we want to be absolutely sure we’re dealing with you. So we use Enhanced Internet Authentication (EIA).

When you set up a new recipient, credit card payment or standing order, we’ll now send you a One Time Password (OTP) to make sure the instruction is genuinely coming from you. All you need is a phone near you. You'll be able to choose which number we call you on, provided it's a number we already hold for you. For UK mobile numbers, we’ll now send you a text with your OTP. For landlines and other numbers, we’ll now give you a call and read out your OTP. You'll  need to enter the  six digit number directly on Internet Banking or the app. The whole process takes less than a minute.

Never share your OTP with anyone. If we need to contact you we would never ask you for your OTP.

Please make sure your contact details are up-to-date: log on to Internet Banking, then select Personal Details from the top right-hand menu.

No, you will only receive a text or phone call when you create a new beneficiary, set up a new standing order or a new payment to a credit card.

For your security, we don’t use newly registered numbers for authentication.

Please call us on 0345 835 3847  (or from abroad 02032 841 578 ) so we can set up the instruction for you straight away.

"Please update your personal details in Internet Banking by selecting ‘Personal Details’ in the top right-hand menu. New phone numbers entered may take a few days to become active but then you should be able to set up your next payment automatically.

Sure. We can place automated text and calls to any (non-premium) number in the UK or abroad.

Businesses and people are different. Different needs, patterns of spending and account usage. The security measures we use for each fit their specific needs.

For business accounts, we've introduced a Business Banking Authentication app to authorise the release of money.

This increased security will allow us to improve our online business banking offer in the future, to include features such as international payments and transfers.

We won’t charge you a penny. But be aware that mobile phone providers sometimes charge for receiving calls and texts when abroad.

We’ve made Internet Banking as inclusive as possible. To set up payments, you’ll need to be able to receive a call and enter details displayed on your screen into your dialling pad.

If you’re unable to do that, please give us a call or drop into a branch. Our team will be happy to arrange new instructions with you.

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre. Their website,, contains constantly updated information on staying safe.

Take Five is a campaign that aims to empower and educate you about why taking time to think before you act can help prevent financial fraud.

Cyber Aware aims to improve your online safety, and improve confidence of consumers and small business (SMEs) online.

FCA ScamSmart is designed to protect consumers from investment fraud.

Report suspected fraud

Credit and debit card related fraud: 0345 835 7922. Lines are open 8am – 9pm Monday to Sunday.

Disputed transactions: 0345 835 7926. Lines are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Internet banking, mobile app or telephony related fraud: 0800 096 8669. Lines are open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday to Sunday.

Lost or stolen cards outside of these hours: 0800 015 0030.

Suspicious emails, texts and calls: forward the details to Please don’t reply or click on anything – let us take it from there.

Any questions? Join us on social media.

If there’s a question that’s not answered on this page, you can also contact us on Twitter and Facebook.

But if there’s something urgent or you suspect fraud may have happened on your account, always call us immediately on the numbers above.

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