TSB Fraud Refund Guarantee

There’s only one bank in Britain that offers you a fraud refund guarantee.

On 14 April 2019 we launched our Fraud Refund Guarantee. This is a first in UK banking. And it goes further to cover TSB customers against fraud than anything that has come before it. Put simply, it means that if you’re clearly an innocent victim of fraud on your TSB account, we will refund the money you lost from your account.

You’re even covered against honest mistakes.

We believe that no TSB customer should have to pay for being tricked by a scam. Our Fraud Refund Guarantee means that you will get a refund even if you make an honest mistake. Whether you accidentally click on something you shouldn’t, or you share some sensitive information without thinking. As long as you’re an innocent victim, we’ll refund you.

When we won’t refund you.

There are a few scenarios where you wouldn’t be covered by our Fraud Refund Guarantee. For details see Are there any times the guarantee doesn’t apply? below.

Prevent. Protect. Pursue.

Our Fraud Prevention Centre is full of advice about fraud and we’re setting up workshops across the UK, so our customers can stay one step ahead and prevent fraud.

Protecting customers with our Fraud Refund Guarantee is just part of our commitment to fight fraud in Britain. 

And we help the police to pursue criminals, giving them the information they need to hunt down fraudsters and bring them to justice. 

To find out more about our Fraud Refund Guarantee have a look at our helpful info below.

Helpful Info

What is the TSB Fraud Refund Guarantee?
  • We believe that customers who are innocent victims of fraud shouldn’t have to fight for a refund. So, from 14 April 2019, we will refund customers who are clearly the innocent victim of fraud on their TSB account.
How do I claim on the guarantee?
  • TSB customers will need to contact us to report fraud exactly as they do today, by calling the number on the back of their card. Alternatively, customers can call 0345 835 7922 (credit and debit card related fraud) or 0800 096 8669 (Internet, mobile, or telephony related fraud).
  • We will quickly investigate the fraud claim, to make sure that we understand how it’s happened – so that we can give you safety advice to make sure you’re not affected by fraud again. We may also need to help you to reset your login details or other account information.
  • Your refund will be paid back into your account as quickly as possible. 
Are there any times the guarantee doesn’t apply?
  • As you’d expect, we will not repay losses where customers are involved in committing the fraud.
  • Customers that abuse the guarantee, for example by repeatedly ignoring personalised account safety advice, may not get future refunds under the guarantee.
  • The guarantee doesn’t cover non-fraudulent purchase disputes. This is where you pay for something with your TSB account, from a genuine merchant, and the good or service doesn’t meet your expectations. But, if you feel you’ve been misled by the seller, you may be able to claim under the chargeback rules or the Consumer Credit Act. This will depend on whether you used your debit or credit account.
  • The guarantee doesn’t apply if the fraud losses happened before Sunday 14 April 2019.
  • The guarantee covers authorised and unauthorised transactions for claims meeting the criteria; for authorised transactions the guarantee is limited to £1million per claim.
  • The conditions of the guarantee may be adjusted in future to guard against abuse or to help us prevent and prosecute fraud. We may also make adjustments to reflect guidance or requirements from regulators or enforcement authorities. Adjustments for any of these reasons may include making reasonable changes to the maximum claim limit for authorised transactions which happen after we make the change. We will give appropriate notice of any changes to the guarantee conditions.
How is the TSB Fraud Refund Guarantee different to what other banks offer?
  • At the moment, there are certain times where banks are legally obliged to refund customers, however even these have loopholes. Our guarantee covers customers who are clearly innocent victims of fraud on their TSB account.
  • TSB is the first bank in the UK to offer anything like this level of cover to customers.
Can I get a refund from a claim that I have made previously?
  • The guarantee only applies to fraud losses that happened on or after Sunday 14 April 2019.
  • If you got a decision from a claim that you made before Sunday 14 April 2019, this decision cannot be overturned unless there is new evidence that would have made us reach a different decision at the time – the guarantee doesn’t apply to fraud that happened before 14 April 2019.
Does this change TSB’s approach to investigating the fraud claim?
  • The TSB Fraud Refund Guarantee doesn’t change how we’ll investigate claims. We’ll still look for what happened and how it happened, so we can give you advice to protect you from future fraud.
  • We know how important it is to pursue fraudsters. And we use our investigations to gather the evidence needed to prosecute the criminals behind fraud attacks.

If you want to see how we protect you from fraud and how to protect yourself, explore our Fraud Prevention Centre.

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