We’re here to support you
through Coronavirus.

We understand you may be worried about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and wanted to reassure you that we’re here to help you with any financial concerns you may have. 

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Different ways for you to bank.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to bank with us in a way that suits you. 

Please check the options below and if you're not already registered to use mobile, internet or telephone banking, we'd encourage you to set this up so you can continue to access your banking from home 24/7.

1. Use our mobile banking app and Internet Banking.  View our guides on how to set up mobile banking and Internet Banking.

2. Use our online chat service, TSB Smart Agent. 

You can chat to us securely in the TSB Mobile Banking App by clicking on ‘Chat to us’ in the app menu.

If you don’t have the mobile app, you can use our automated web chat service by clicking the blue ‘Need help? Click here’ button on the right-hand side of the Help and Support page.

3. Telephone support for those most in need. If you’re unable to find a solution online, you feel vulnerable or are in a situation where you need help today, then please contact us.

4. Contact your local branch if you’re in need of additional support or are facing financial difficulty. If you're unable to find the support you need online, you can contact your local branch directly - you'll find all the phone numbers in our branch locator. If you need to visit a branch in person please use the branch locator to check the opening hours before you set out. Some branches have re-opened on a Saturday to offer support on your more complex enquiries, such as discussing your account or specific help you may need with your finances. Our counter service will not be available in these branches on a Saturday. We’re following the latest government guidance and continue to apply social distancing in our branches. TSB supports the NHS Test and Trace service (Test Trace Protect in Wales, and Test and Protect in Scotland). We may share your contact details with the relevant authorities if requested. Please visit the government Test and Trace web page for more information.

5. You can also use your local Post Office® branch to pay in cash and cheques and check your balance, and if you have a current account with us you can also withdraw cash. For more information on branches and services available visit postoffice.co.uk/tsb-bank

Post Office® is a registered trademark of Royal Mail.

6. Support from friends or family. If you need help to manage your finances you can give a trusted family or friend access to your account. You can request this by completing the form at the third party access page or, if you’d rather speak to a TSB Partner, calling your local branch.

Face coverings in our branches.

We’re following the latest government rules and we ask that you please wear a face covering in our branches. We appreciate there will be circumstances when this isn’t possible, and we’ll be mindful of when this happens. For example, you may not be able to wear a face covering due to a physical or mental illness, impairment or disability. Similarly, if you need one of our Partners to temporarily remove their face covering to help you communicate with them, we can do so. We may also ask you to temporarily remove your face covering for ID purposes.

For further guidance, please visit the government’s information pages on face coverings (UK, Scotland, Wales).

Fraud awareness 

Find out how criminals are using texts, emails and phone calls to scam people out of their money during the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s our Head of Fraud Ashley Hart with what to look out for. 

Become fraud aware

Supporting your individual needs 

Find out how we're committed to tailoring our service to support your individual short and long-term needs. Here’s Carol Anderson our Director of Branch Banking with how to talk to us if you’re in need of additional support or are facing financial difficulty.

Get more support

Support with your mortgage, if you have concerns about your finances.

We understand you may be worried about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and we want to reassure you that we are here to help you with any financial concerns you may have. If you've been financially impacted by COVID-19 and this is affecting your ability to meet your monthly mortgage payment, then you can request to extend an existing repayment holiday. 

The deadline for new applications closed on 31 March 2021, however after 31 March 2021, you can extend an existing repayment holiday until 31 July 2021 as long as your request doesn’t go over the six month limit and there are no breaks in the repayment holiday. This is available to all customers including those in arrears. Please make your application to extend as early as possible before your upcoming monthly payment.

If you can maintain your mortgage payments, you should continue to do so as this will be in your best interests longer term. Find out how to apply for a Mortgage Repayment Holiday and whether you’re eligible.

If you continue to be impacted by COVID-19 and you are experiencing financial difficulty but you no longer qualify for a repayment holiday, we’re still here to help. Please complete an income and expenditure form and we’ll get back to you within five working days. Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 835 3374. We’re here from 8am – 7.30pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) and 8am – 12.30pm on Saturdays.

If you take a repayment holiday you will pay more interest overall. It is important that if you can afford to make repayments, you continue to do so. We do not report any payments deferred by your repayment holiday to the credit reference agencies as being missed payments. If your account is up to date, it will continue to be reported as being up to date with payments for the duration of your repayment holiday. If your account is currently in arrears please note that the existing arrears will continue to be reported but will not reflect any deterioration due to the payment holiday. The balance reported will increase in line with the accrued interest in either case. Other factors including any existing arrears may affect your credit file or your ability to obtain credit.

If you've been financially impacted by COVID-19 and in need of additional support please contact us.

ATM Cards

If you hold an ATM card with your TSB savings account you can now withdraw cash (limit of £200 per day) at the Post Office using this card.

Credit card repayment holiday

From 1 April 2021 repayment holidays are no longer available to customers who haven’t had a credit card repayment holiday before.

Please visit our Money Confidence page where our experts answer your big questions to help you become more confident with your money every day.

If you have had a credit card repayment holiday before and continue to be impacted by Covid-19 you may request further help. Please visit our Further Help page to apply.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender

Repayment holidays are only temporary and not intended to help solve longer term money troubles, so if you’re struggling to make your monthly repayments, please get in contact with us. We have a range of options that may be able to help you.

Check out our privacy policy for information on how your data is used.

Cash machine withdrawals

Personal current account customers can now withdraw up to £500 from UK cash machines.

Apply for an Arranged Overdraft

Customers may apply for an Arranged Overdraft, or an increase to their Arranged Overdraft limit to provide short term relief on their outgoings. Overdrafts are subject to approval. The quickest and easiest way to apply is via Internet Banking.

Are you facing temporary difficulties with your finances?

We appreciate that this may be a difficult time. If you are in or at risk of financial difficultly because of impacts of coronavirus, we’re here to help.

If you have any concerns about managing your overdraft and would like to discuss it just call us on 03459 758 758, we’re open between 8am – 8pm Monday to Sunday. If guidelines allow you to visit a branch, you can also book an appointment at your local TSB branch. We will be happy to help.

The travel insurance claims line is currently experiencing high call volumes. To allow us to prioritise customers, we are asking you to only call if you were due to travel within the next 7 days. Before making a claim, please ensure you have contacted your travel and accommodation provider to discuss a refund, as travel insurance only provides cover for your non-refundable costs.

Find out about our travel insurance and coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for travellers with a TSB Added Value Account.

If you've been financially impacted by COVID-19 and this is affecting your ability to meet your monthly loan repayments, we’re here to help.

You could apply for a repayment holiday to provide short term relief. Repayment holidays are subject to approval and it’s important to remember that your repayments will be deferred so you’ll pay more interest overall. It is important that if you can continue to make repayments, you continue to do so.

Standard one month repayment holiday:

You can request a one-month repayment holiday up to twice a year. These can’t be taken consecutively and you must be up to date with your repayments.

How to apply: The quickest and easiest way is via Internet Banking. Where you can check your eligibility and receive an instant decision. If you don’t have access to Internet Banking, you can also call us on 0345 835 3861.

COVID-19 further extended repayment holiday:

From 1 April 2021, we are no longer able to offer a 3 month covid repayment holiday to customers who have not already had one. If you have already taken one 3-month Covid repayment holiday, you can choose to apply for a second extended repayment holiday. Please visit tsb.co.uk/loansfurtherhelp and complete the form so we can provide you with the right support.

Taking a payment holiday at this time will not be reported as missed payments for your credit file. However, please be aware that other factors may affect your credit file or your ability to obtain credit.

Already taken six months of repayment holidays?

If you’ve already taken a total of 6 repayment holidays in the last 12 months please visit tsb.co.uk/help-and-support/managing-debt and complete the ‘income and expenditure form for sole account holders’. We’ll then call you within five working days to discuss your payment options and any further support we can provide you with.

We understand that our customers may be worried about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and want to reassure you that we’re here to help you with any financial concerns you may have.

1. Payment holiday
  • If you are struggling financially and need help, then you may be able to defer your monthly home insurance payment. This can be applied for 1 month at a time, for up to 3 months.
2. Amending your level of cover
  • Are you paying for elements of home insurance that you no longer need? TSB’s Pick and Protect home insurance allows you to add, remove and change the cover you need, as many times as you wish, and we do not charge a fee. We encourage you to regularly review your cover.
  • There may be additional cover which is now more important to you, such as accidental contents, as you are currently at home more? Cover can be changed or added at any time, you do not need to wait for your insurance renewal. We do not charge a fee to do this.
  • If you wish to cancel your home insurance policy, we do not charge a fee for cancellation of your insurance, and you are free to cancel or change your cover at any time. Before you do this, you should make sure this is the right thing for you to do. If you have a mortgage, it may be a condition of the mortgage that adequate buildings insurance is in place.
Call 0345 030 8799, if you wish to make changes to your home insurance policy

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