It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room

From going out to getting by, money is on everyone’s mind. If money worries are weighing you down, we can help you face your finances with confidence.

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Meet Tiny


Literally, the elephant in the room

We get it. Opening up and talking about money can be tough.

But after a chat with our Money Confidence Experts, the elephant in your room might not be so big and scary after all – just like our Tiny.


Tiny's Tips

Saving for your BIG day or managing your everyday spending? Tiny’s Tips could make your money stretch.
  • Save money with a fakeaway - a home cooked version of your favourite takeaway.  
  • If you're looking for a day out, lots of local museums, galleries and activities don’t cost a penny.
  • Cancel your least used streaming service and put the money in your savings instead.

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Our Money Confidence Experts

Whether you bank with us or not, we’re here to make banking better for everybody. Our goal is to help you get more from your money. And chatting to us is completely free.

Money confidence experts

Money confidence experts

How it works

You don’t need all your financial information to hand, or even need a detailed summary of your spending. It’s just a casual conversation – over a video call or in branch – to address the elephant in your room. Together, we’ll find ways to make your money less menacing.



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Building your money confidence

Our experts answer your big questions to help you become more confident with your money every day. 

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Make the most of your money on your summer holidays

Top travel tips to make your cash go further if you’re jetting off in search of sun

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How to build your savings

TSB’s Head of Current Accounts, Marta Edwards, shares her tips on how to build your savings.


Have you seen Tiny doing her thing yet?

Here’s what happened when her pal, Steve, talked to TSB about his money worries. They helped him see that his situation wasn’t so scary after all, giving him the confidence to enjoy dinner out with friends.


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