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Savings Pots

If you’ve got a Spend & Save or Spend & Save Plus account, then you can open Savings Pots and earn up to 2.92% AER with a fixed introductory bonus.

What is a Savings Pot?

A Savings Pot is an instant access account to save for the things you want. You can name the pots anything you want. It could be fun things like ‘next holiday’, more serious things like ‘car insurance’, or anything else in between! You can open five Savings Pots per Spend & Save or Spend & Save Plus account, with up to £5,000 in each.

Who can open a savings pot?

To open Savings Pots, you’ll need to have a Spend & Save or a Spend & Save Plus account. You can also use the Spend & Save or Spend & Save Plus account’s flexible features like Save the Pennies and Auto Balancer to save as you spend or top up your current account when it gets low.

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If you are a Classic Plus or Classic Enhance customer you can convert your account to a Spend & Save account using this online form or by visiting us in branch.

Savings Pots interest rates

What's the interest rate? Variable annual interest with 12 month bonus  Variable annual interest without 12 month bonus
  2.89/2.92% Gross/AER  1.39/1.40% Gross/AER
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly

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Important Information

How to open Savings Pots

If you’re a Spend & Save or Spend & Save Plus account holder, are 18 or over, and a UK resident, head to the TSB Mobile Banking App, log into your account, and open a Savings Pot.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects up to £85,000 of your eligible money at TSB. For more information, please visit the FSCS website. 

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Important Information

*Variable means the interest rate on your savings can change. The rate can go up and down. If it goes up, you earn more interest. If it goes down, you’ll earn less interest, but we’ll tell you before this happens. If you’d like to know more about what might happen to our variable interest rates when the Bank of England changes the Base Rate, head over to our Popular Questions page at

The Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) shows what the interest would be if the interest was paid and added to the account once each year. It lets you compare savings accounts easily. Gross rate means that credit interest is paid without income tax being deducted. Tax-free is the contractual rate of interest payable where interest is exempt from income tax.