Savings accounts guide

Savings accounts come in all shapes and sizes so whether you like to save little and often, or in big chunks, there is a savings account to suit you.

Cash ISAs

There are two types of cash ISA available, both allowing you to save up to £20,000 tax-free for the tax year ending 5 April 2023.

  • Instant access accounts can usually be opened with £1 and you'll receive a variable rate of interest on your balance, paid annually/monthly subject to product conditions.
  • A fixed rate ISA can be opened with a minimum balance set by the provider. You'll receive a fixed rate of interest over a set amount of time and you'll pay a withdrawal fee if you access your money during that period.

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Junior ISAs

You can save on behalf of your children until they reach 18 with a Junior ISA. Your child won't pay tax on the interest earned up to £9,000 for the tax year ending 5 April 2023.


Instant access accounts

You can get instant access to your money whenever you need it with instant access accounts. Ideal for money you need access to in an emergency.


Fixed bonds

Bonds lock your money away for a fixed period of time in return for a higher interest rate. Fixed-rate bonds pay interest at a fixed rate. Tracker bonds pay interest tracked against a particular index or rate, such as the Bank of England base rate.

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Investments (inc Stocks & Shares ISA)

If you are looking to invest for the long term, are potentially looking for higher returns and accept the risk to capital that comes with investing in the stockmarket.

View Wealthify Stocks & Shares ISA, Junior ISA or General Investment Account.


How do I add additional parties to my account?

If your savings account can be held in joint names, you can add additional parties at your nearest branch. You'll both need to go into a branch so that you can provide proof of identity and address in person.