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Why start saving today?


Earn up to 6.00% gross/AER for 12 months in a Monthly Saver.

We have a range of different savings interest rates and options to suit you.


It’s easy to open an account.

Our Money Confidence Experts are here to help you save in a way that suits you.


Award winning savings accounts

We’ve been named the Best Everyday Savings Account Provider at the 2023 YourMoney.com awards.

Ways to make your money grow

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Make your money work harder with investments.

Many people choose both savings and investments. If you're new to investments, find out how they differ to traditional savings.


  • Suitable for short and fixed-term goals.

  • Returns are determined by an interest rate.

  • Ideal for people who prefer a more predictable return on their money.

Investing with Wealthify

  • Better suited for reaching long-term goals, typically investing for five years or more.

  • Popular with people who are looking for potentially bigger returns and who want to protect their money from the effects of inflation.

  • You pick the level of risk you’re comfortable with, and their experts will put your money to work.

  • Wealthify charge a small management fee and they keep regular investment costs as low as possible.

  • Returns are linked to stock market performance. Values can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you put in.

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ISAs in a nutshell

Find out what ISAs are, what makes them tax-efficient, who can open one, plus more.

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Personal Loans Card Personal Loans Card Mobile

Savings guide

Do you know your ISAs from your JISAs? Or perhaps you want to know what an instant access account or fixed bond accounts are.

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Is your savings rate ending soon?

If you have a Fixed Rate Cash ISA or Fixed Bond savings account that’s coming to an end, then there are a few options that you can pick from.


Popular questions

The ‘Base Rate’ is set by the Bank of England and is the interest rate that it charges on money lent to banks and building societies.  They review it regularly and it can go up or down. 

Whether your interest rate could be affected by a change to the Base Rate will depend on what type of savings account you have – fixed rate or variable rate.

Fixed rate accounts won’t be affected – your interest rate won’t change. 

Variable rate accounts could be affected – your interest rate might change.  That’s because we review the interest rates we offer on variable rate accounts regularly and the Base Rate is one of a number of things that we’ll take into account.  So if the Base Rate changes, we could decide to change our savings rates.  If we decide to lower your rate, we’ll tell you before this happens.

Please visit our savings rates page.

An ISA (Individual Savings Account) is a tax efficient way to save or invest. Unlike other savings accounts you don’t pay tax on money held in an ISA, regardless of your balance or how much income tax you pay.

Tax free means the interest paid will be free from UK Income Tax. The tax advantages depend on your individual circumstances and the tax treatment of your ISA may change in the future.

Since 6 April 2016, you have a Personal Savings Allowance, which means your interest is paid gross (without taking off tax).

The Personal Savings Allowance is £1,000 for basic rate tax payers and £500 for higher rate tax payers. Additional rate tax payers do not receive a Personal Savings Allowance.

If you earn more interest than the Personal Savings Allowance, you may have to pay additional tax yourself.

If your savings account can be held in joint names, you can add additional parties at your nearest branch. You'll both need to go into a branch so that you can provide proof of identity and address in person.

You can remove a joint account holder from a savings account by visiting us in branch or by booking a video call. Please bring along your account details and proof of identity.

Please visit our helpful information page to find out what you need to open an account.

View our guidance on how to top up an existing TSB Cash ISA.

Please visit our close an account page.

Please visit our Save the Pennies page.

Please visit our inactive accounts page.

Please visit our compare accounts page.

If your savings account can be held in joint names, you can add additional parties at your nearest branch. You'll both need to go into a branch so that you can provide proof of identity and address in person. Visit our branch locator to find your local branch.



Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Your savings are protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. The scheme protects up to £85,000 (or £85,000 each for joint account holders - £170,000 altogether) of the deposits in your TSB savings and current accounts.

Visit fscs.org.uk

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