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Car loans

At TSB, you can finance your new or used car with a TSB loan and spread the cost of the payment. When applying for a car loan, you may have a general idea of how much you need to borrow. Our car loan calculator lets you see what your monthly repayments are likely to be.

With loans from £1,000 to £25,000 (or £300* to £50,000 for TSB current account customers).

Our lowest rate: 6.9% APR* representative for loans between £7,500 and £25,000** for 1 - 5 years.

  • fixed rate to suit your budget
  • Get a personalised quote with no impact on your credit rating
  • You can get the money in your account today
  • Added flexibility with up to two, one-month repayment holidays every 12 months***
  • Buy well with our car buyers hints and tips
  • Option to make lump sum repayments
  • View your loan online with our mobile app or Internet Banking
Car loans with orbs
*The representative APR is the Annual Percentage Rate of charge. You can use it to compare the overall cost of credit between different lenders.  
** To apply for a loan between £300 - £999 and 25,000 - £50,000 you need to hold a TSB current account.
***Repayment holidays are subject to approval. If you do decide to take a repayment holiday, interest will continue to be charged and the length of your loan will increase, meaning you’ll pay more interest.
If you apply before 6pm and have held a TSB current account for more than 3 months, the money should be in your account the same day. If you apply after 6pm, the money should be in your account the next working day (excludes Sundays and bank holidays).

Borrowers must be UK residents only and aged 18 or over. Lending is subject to status and actual rate offered will depend on our assessment of your personal circumstances.

The maximum APR we offer is 39.9%, but we will tell you your personalised rate before you apply. For loans between £1,000 and £25,000 the minimum repayment term is 1 year, the maximum repayment term is 7 years. For loans between £25,000.01 and £50,000 the minimum repayment term is 1 year, the maximum repayment term is 5 years. For loans £300-£999.99 to minimum repayment term is 3 months, the maximum repayment term is 12 months.

Car loan calculator

Our car finance calculator can help give you a steer on how much your monthly car payments could be.
To work out the cost of your car finance, simply enter the amount and duration of the loan. Our car loan calculator will then show you the annual interest rate, representative APR, monthly repayments, and the total repayable amount.

Representative example:

I need to borrow: Help Text
£ 300 £ 50,000
You can only borrow between £ 300 - £ 50,000
You can only borrow between £300 - £50,000
And pay it back over:
1 year 7 years

How do I apply for a TSB loan?


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Fraudsters will often try to trick you into taking out a loan.

If you’re applying today: to make an investment, to help the National Crime Agency or a Police Officer to catch a criminal, or to send money to somebody you’ve met online but never in person. STOP. These are almost certainly frauds, and you may be about to become a victim. For help and support, please call our fraud team on 0800 096 8669.

Car Loan FAQs

To be eligible for the TSB car loan, you must:​

  • Be 18 or over
  • Be a UK resident 
  • Hold a TSB current account if applying for a loan between £300 - £999 or 25,000 - £50,000

There are some benefits to choosing a car loan over car finance. If you choose to buy a car using a personal loan, you borrow money from a bank, meaning the dealer is not involved in the financing. This means you don’t need to negotiate with the dealer, and they don’t have any influence over mileage limits, which can be part of car finance contracts. If you exceed the mileage limit with car finance, you may have to pay a premium per mile.

As you will own the car straight away with a car loan, you don’t have to give it back to a dealership or lender. You can keep the car for as long as you like and even sell it. You will still need to repay all the loan, however. With car finance, you will not own the car until you’ve paid off all the finance. If you change your mind about the car, you will also need to pay a termination fee to get out of the contract. Whereas with a car loan, you can choose to sell the car. 

With a personal loan, you don’t need a deposit when buying the car, as you can borrow an amount to make the payment upfront. However, this can mean the monthly repayments for the loan will be higher, as you would have borrowed more money. ​

If you are unable to make the car loan repayments, you won’t lose the car. The car loan is unsecured, meaning the lender can’t take the borrower’s car or other assets. However, you will still be taken to court. ​

You can still apply and be accepted for a loan to buy a car, even with bad credit. People with good credit however are offered lower interest. ​

With TSB’s car loan, you can borrow up to £50,000, and repay it over 1-7 years. As the loan is not tied to the car, you can borrow more or less than its value. ​

When applying for a car loan, the lender will require information on your income, assets, employment details, monthly expenses and credit history.
You will also need to know how much you would like to borrow, as well as for how long.
When applying for a car loan, you only need to apply through one lender. You can also get a quote before you submit your application and you’ll own the car straight away.
With car finance however, your details can be sent between multiple lenders. You also won’t own the car until the final payment has been made.
There are several ways to lower car loan repayments. First of all, opting for a cheaper car will mean the repayments will be lower. Also, choosing a loan with a low interest rate will result in lower monthly repayments.
If you are able to pay a larger deposit upfront, this means you need to borrow less for the car loan, which lowers the repayments.
This will depend on your credit score. The higher your credit score, the lower the APR and monthly repayments. The interest rate will also depend on how much you want to borrow, and the period of time you want to borrow it.
If the base UK interest rate changes, this will not affect car loan repayments. Personal loans have a fixed rate, which does not change whether rates rise or fall.

Your monthly car loan repayments will depend on however much you borrow and how long would like to pay it back. Use our Car Loan Calculator further up the page to find out.

If your online car loan application is accepted, the money can be sent to your account in a couple of hours. If you apply before 6pm and have held a TSB current account for more than 3 months, the money should be in your account the same day. If you apply after 6pm, the money should be in your account the next working day (excludes Sundays and bank holidays).

It is possible to repay a car loan early. Although you may still be charged some interest to do so. If you would like to repay a car loan early, you can ask the lender for a settlement figure. This figure details the amount needed to completely clear the loan and may include an early repayment charge.

If you purchase a faulty vehicle using a car loan, you will need to request for the car dealer to repair the issue, or replace the vehicle if necessary. Under the Consumer Rights Act, the dealer must ensure the car is in the condition as it was described and usable.

If you purchased the vehicle from a private seller, it can be more difficult to get them to repair the vehicle. If doing so, read our Car Buyers Hints and Tips below.

  • Check the MOT 

If you have the car's registration and MOT test numbers you can view its MOT history free at

  • Check the service history 

Find out what maintenance has been done and check the car's mileage by asking to see a full service history. 

  • Take a test drive 

Give the car a test drive and look over to spot anything unusual and make sure it's what you're expecting. 

  • Ask an engineer 

You can pay for a professional to inspect the car before you buy. It's especially important to check repairs if the car has been written off in the past. 

  • What's the right price? 

Use online car valuation checks or simply do a little market research to make sure you're paying a fair price for the make and age of the car. 

  • Know the finance history 

You can pay finance companies to check the car doesn't have an outstanding credit agreement against it. If you buy from a dealer they're expected to do this for you. 

  • Make sure the car's not stolen 

Go to to check the V5C registration document matches DVLA records. You'll need the registration number and make to do this. 

  • Understand write offs 

Written off cars get a Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) marker. If they can be allowed back on the road, they'll need a DVLA VIC test. Find out more at

  • Has the car been recalled? 

At you can check for free if the car has been recalled by the manufacturer for safety reasons. 

  • What about your old car? 

If you're upgrading your old car, shop around to see how much you could get for trade in, or whether you'll make more selling it privately.

To be eligible for our personal loan, you must:
  • be 18 or over
  • be a resident of the UK with no history of adverse credit
  • have had a TSB bank account for more than 3 months
  • make repayments by Direct Debit
  • be a permanent paid employee, self-employed or retired with a pension
  • Satisfy us that you can afford to pay back the loan
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