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TSB strengthens its business banking team in Scotland

21st January 2020


TSB has increased the number of Business Banking face to face Relationship Managers it has in Scotland from four to ten so that it can continue to serve small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a wide range of banking needs.

Today’s announcement follows the success of TSB’s Business Banking Relationship Manager launch in the Summer of 2018 and is a direct response to the increasing demands made by business owners who require locally based, dedicated, hands-on support from the bank.

The ten TSB Relationship Managers cover specific geographic regions of Scotland and they are on hand to support independent businesses unlock their full potential.

TSB Relationship Managers:

Edinburgh and Lothians


Fife and Tayside:



Inverness and North Scotland:

There are around 6 million SMEs in the UK, employing over 60% of the working population.

But even though SMEs make up such a large proportion of the economy, research undertaken by TSB in 2018 showed that SMEs across Scotland want banks to have a new approach to business banking which could help them transform their productivity.

The report’s findings showed that:

Few small businesses feel they get value from their bank.

  • • Under half (46%) of SMEs in Scotland believe that their bank understands their needs.
  • • Half (50%) of Scotland’s small businesses believe that they pay an unfair amount in business banking charges.
  • • 28% of small businesses in Scotland say they have access to advice, tools and services that give their business the confidence to be more digital.
  • • 63% of Scotland’s SMEs have no idea what services their bank can offer to help them become more productive.

The research found that in order to remove the barriers to ambition for our nation’s SMEs, banks should improve their small business offer, to help small businesses access best-in-class technology and business services.

  • • Banks should help provide access to local advice and support to help small businesses manage and grow their businesses.
  • • Banks should come clean on fees and charges by offering greater transparency and fairer pricing practices for small businesses.
  • • Banks and regulators need to put greater focus on helping small businesses to borrow well and provide them with the protection they need should they get into financial distress.

Giving SME’s new options of improved banking and business support services could unlock productivity; creating time savings for business owners, as well as opportunities for growth.

If all small businesses realised these productivity gains it could deliver a boost of up to £4.6bn to Scottish GVA (see Editors’ notes). Even if only one in ten small businesses were to benefit from better banking and business support, the impact on the Scottish economy would be significant.

TSB’s Regional Manager for Business Banking in Scotland, Elaine Campbell, commented:

“Our team in Scotland includes ten very experienced and committed Relationship Managers, who are already having a positive impact on businesses in their local area. With our partnerships with leading digital services such as Square and Enterprise Nation, coupled with market leading products and services, the TSB team really does have the firepower to get out there and help local businesses grow and prosper.”


Notes to editors


  • • TSB was the first bank in the UK to launch a Fraud Refund Guarantee that protects retail and business banking customers if they are an innocent victim of fraud on their TSB account.
  • • For further information about TSB Bank plc, please visit our website
  • • GVA – Gross Value Added – value of goods and services produced in an area, industry or sector of the economy.