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TSB launches next generation mobile app First service built on

27th April 2017


TSB is committed to providing the kind of banking experience people want and deserve. That’s why this next generation mobile banking app includes simplified and easier access through fingerprint and one-hand navigation for the most-used transactions. The app is available for both Android TM and iOS devices.

What’s new?

TSB has worked in partnership with its Partners and customers to build an app from scratch using its new Proteo4UK IT platform. The Proteo4UK platform is scalable, modern and designed with digital in mind. The result is a modern digital app with much improved features and a more user friendly interface, which gives the best possible customer experience.

iOS screen shot (left), Android screen shot (right):

mobile app iOS greetingmobile app android payment


Highlights of the new mobile app:

  • Simplified day-to-day banking
    • Banking at your fingertips. Fingerprint login with enhanced ID security.
    • Stay on top of your payments. Improved management of standing orders and direct debits.
    • Easily choose new products. Soon customers will be able to request overdrafts or eSavings at just one click, choosing new products will become easier.
  • Agile TSB
    • New interface. Collaborating with innovative design agencies, TSB worked alongside Partners and customers to design a completely new user interface.
    • Always beta: TSB Partners have been using a ‘beta version’ of the App since Christmas and, in future, they will experiment further with new versions.
  • New digital features
    • Currency converter. TSB’s handy currency convertor tool, which gives an indicative quote, allows TSB customers to calculate prices in different currencies when they are travelling abroad.
    • Book a mortgage appointment. Book appointments on the move with TSB branch Partners through the new mobile app.

Becoming part of a lifestyle ecosystem and future new features

The phased launch of the new app is just the beginning. The new mobile app will in future integrate with third party apps and services from Fintech startups, so that it becomes truly integrated with customers’ digital lifestyle.

To help achieve this, TSB is already working to incorporate more functionalities and services in the near future. For example, a new mobile payment system is being developed to make it easier for friends to send money to each other. TSB is also aiming to make it possible for new-to-TSB customers to open an account via the app only.

Carlos Abarca, Chief Information Officer, TSB, said: “We work in partnership with our customers and, like any great partnership, we’ve listened to their feedback.

“Our new mobile app is the first new service built by our brand new Proteo IT platform. We’ve worked on improving the features, such as the introduction of fingerprint login, to make the app easier and quicker to use.

“The new Proteo IT platform is the start of a whole new era for TSB and will allow us to become more agile. The new app is just the starting point; we will be bringing updates every month from now on and we look forward to further improving the service we provide to customers.”

TSB is continuing to invest in branch and digital services

TSB is now Britain’s most recommended high street bank[i]. This is huge testament to the dedication and care delivered by TSB Partners, but also as a result of its commitment to investing in both branch and digital services. This helps customers get the best of both worlds; great face to face service combined with state of the art digital banking. The way people bank is changing fast and TSB is committed to getting the balance right.

Phased launch

A progressive rollout of TSB’s new app has now started, and a full rollout will follow in the coming weeks. During the initial phased launch period of the new app, the old app continues to be available to download.


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Notes to editors


About TSB

TSB was built to bring more competition to UK banking – to be a real challenger to the big banks and to deliver the kind of banking the people of Britain want. TSB only serves local customers and local businesses, to help fuel local economies, because communities thriving across Britain is a good thing for all of us.

We have a simple, straightforward and transparent banking model and make clear on our website how we operate and make money. We offer the products and services people tell us they want, with none of the funny stuff people normally associate with traditional banks.

Our 5 million customers, award winning mobile and digital banking, nationwide network of branches and 8,200 Partners mean we are big enough to make a difference, but small enough to be an agile challenger to the entire market.

For further information about TSB Bank plc, please visit our website

[i] Source: Independent benchmark study (covering all major banks) conducted by BDRC Continental; sample of 15,000 UK consumers, March 2016.