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Save money on your household bills

ApTap is a clever way to easily organise all your bills and subscriptions. It compares your bills to what’s on the market and helps spot unused subscriptions to you save money.

You can connect ApTap to your TSB current account and unlock a whole new way of managing your money.

Get latest available deals on your bills

Using ApTap could save you an average of £236 on broadband bills.

Between January and June 2022 ApTap’s customers saved on average an estimated £236 per year by switching their broadband bills. Average switch time in August 2022 was only 3 minutes and 51 seconds.

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One simple dashboard

Connect to your bank accounts safely and securely. ApTap will analyse and organise your bills and subscriptions for you, and help create a monthly budget.

You can view your bills and subscriptions as a list or a calendar to see your monthly spending and upcoming expenses, keeping you on top of your money.

It’s the smarter way to manage your bills which could save you money.

Aptap screen

Deals specially chosen for you

When comparing providers, ApTap will show a comprehensive list of alternatives that meet your personal preferences such as: faster broadband or cheapest available deal.

Before a switch, you’ll be given a comparison table of the new provider and your existing supplier, including details of early exit fees, price comparisons, and links to the new supplier’s T&Cs.

ApTap screen

Sign up, compare and switch

It’s easy to see what you’re paying on your bills. If you’re overpaying, switching and signing up to new deals is simple! Sign up, log in, then securely connect your bank accounts using Open Banking. ApTap will do the rest, giving you a dashboard that helps you easily understand your household bills.

Sign up ApTap screen

To sign up to ApTap you need to be over 18 and a UK resident.


Any questions?

TSB acts as an introducer for the ApTap bill management service. Neither TSB nor ApTap give you any advice or recommendations about these services. It’s up to you to decide whether the switch is right for you.

Open Banking is a new technology that gives you easier ways to manage and move money. You can safely and securely share financial data with apps and websites to improve your banking experience. Only companies that have passed industry security checks can take part. For more information about how Open Banking works see here.

The app is 100% free to use. TSB and ApTap receive a 50:50 split commission every time someone switches or signs up to a new service provider through the app. Deals will be presented to you based on the best match, not what makes the most commission.

ApTap use the same state of the art encryption technology as banks, so that your data is always protected.