Green mortgages - We’re going green – and we’ll help you to do the same.

At TSB, we’ve committed to reducing our environmental impact, by taking our carbon footprint down to net zero no later than 2030*. It’s part of our Do What Matters Plan.

And in 2020 we began putting our plan into action. Today, 100% of our electricity comes from renewable sources.

It’s just one of the measures we’re taking to do the right thing for the planet.

*For TSB Scope 1 and 2 operational (direct) emissions.

A greener home is great for your pocket, and better for the planet.

Our homes account for 15% of the country’s carbon emissions. So as one of the UK’s major mortgage providers, we’re keen to do what we can to reduce this, and help our customers to lead more sustainable lives.

We’ll help you to make green improvements at home, with a discounted additional borrowing rate. You’ll be helping the environment, and you can be confident that you’re also saving yourself some money, too. And a little extra in your pocket is something else to feel good about.

We’re planting thousands of trees to offset house moves.

When it comes to the environment, moving home leaves a sizeable carbon footprint. For starters, a typical removal lorry emits up to 1.3kg CO2 per mile. Then there’s all the packaging.

So, we’re doing something about it. To help our customers offset their carbon footprint, we’ve asked Eforests to plant a tree for every home move where a TSB mortgage is provided. So far, we’ve planted over 40,000 trees across England, Scotland and Wales.

We’re helping you make your home greener for less.

Introducing TSB discounted Green Home Mortgages.

Do you want to replace draughty old windows, upgrade your outdated heating system, or add solar panels?

If you’re a TSB mortgage customer who’s keen to go green, we’ll help you make those energy efficient improvements at home with our new discounted Green Additional Borrowing rate. Borrow at a lower rate, help the environment, and lower your bills. Win-win-win.

We’re embracing new builds and environmentally friendly building methods.

We're keen to get behind new builds - both standard builds and new construction methods, as new builds are generally more energy-efficient and less wasteful than existing properties.

Modern Methods of Construction, or MMC, is a smarter way to build houses and is endorsed by government and supported by us.

So if you're interested in buying an energy-efficient new build property - standard or MMC - we might have the mortgage for you. So let's talk.

We’re continuously reviewing how we do things.

One of the areas we are trying to cut down on is business travel.

We now offer mortgage video appointments and have significantly increased the number of digital valuations we carry out.