How to report fraud

Think you've lost money through a scam or fraud? Follow the steps below.

What happened?

   A card payment will always show the last 4 digits of the card used to make the payment. For example “Tesco CD XXXX”.

Debit or credit card fraud: Things to check first 

The payment may not always be fraud. Take a moment to check. 

1. Could it be a business trading under a different name?

​Businesses sometimes show as a different name on your statement. If you don’t recognise a transaction try Googling it.

2. Have a problem with something you bought using your card? 

​Try to sort out the problem with the retailer first. If you still need our help you can raise a dispute. If you paid via a bank transfer, it could be a scam so call us.

3. Does someone you know use your account too?

​Check whether that person has made the payment before reporting it.

4. Are you being charged for a subscrition or free trial? 

Sometimes something we thought was free starts charging a fee.

Debit or credit card fraud: 3 ways to report it 

Option 1 

Chat to us in the app

   Available 24/7 and It’ll take less than 10 minutes to tell us about fraud in the app. Once we have everything we need, you’ll get your money back by the end of the next working day.

Log in to your app

Go to the menu
Tap on the icon in the top left of the home screen

Tap "chat to us"
And type "report fraud" to report fraud to the TSB Smart agent 

Option 2

Use our online form 

What you’ll need

  • To be a personal banking customer. If you are a business banking customer please call us

  • Your account details

  • Details of any transactions you think are fraudulent (check the last 3 months of transactions and any pending transactions too)

  • To be the registered account holder or have Power of Attorney rights to the account

  • To be at least 16 years old

How does it work

  • Fill out the form and submit it to us

  • We’ll review your case and you’ll receive a text of the outcome

How long will it take

  • Around 10 minutes to complete the form

  • If approved your money should be back with you by the end of the next business day

Additional info

Please be aware that Adobe are a separate data controller from TSB, and any personal data you provide will be sent to Adobe and processed in agreement with their terms and conditions of service.

You may wish to read their Adobe Terms of Use and Consumer Disclosure before using the following link.

Option 3

Or call us

   Our fraud lines can be busy at times so you may have to wait.
Call our credit and debit fraud team 

0345 835 7922

Not in the UK? Call +44 (0) 1733 462206

Lines open 8am to 9pm

   What is non card fraud? Bank transfers, scam calls, texts or emails or if someone has access to your login details.

If you need to report a card payment, please use one of the options above

Call our fraud team 

0800 096 8669

Not in the UK? Call +44 (0) 1733 462206

Lines open 8am to 9pm

Had any scam calls, emails or texts? Tell us about it.

Don’t reply or click on anything. Mark it as ‘Spam’ and forward the details to and let us take it from there.

Don’t reply or click on anything. Mark it as ‘Spam’ and forward the details to and let us take it from there.

If someone calls you unexpectedly claiming to be TSB, hang up and call telephone banking to make sure you’re talking to TSB.

03459 758 758
Lines open 8am to 8pm

If you see your personal details have been changed with us, someone could have access to your account. Call us straight away.

Take action to protect yourself

Cancel your card 

Cancel your card to stop any more fraudulent payments going out. You can do this in the app or by calling 0800 015 0030 or +44 (0) 2074 812567 if you are abroad. Lines open 24/7.

Change your login details 

If you think someone has access to your internet banking, change your password and login. Keep your money safe.