The deadline to make a Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) complaint has passed.

Your PPI continues to be provided by Lloyds Bank plc and was not affected by the move to TSB Bank plc.

If you have already made a complaint to Lloyds Bank, you do not need to do anything. Lloyds Bank will be in touch as soon as they have an update on your case.

Please be assured that by checking or complaining about PPI, neither your relationship with us, nor your credit score will be adversely affected in any way.

The PPI deadline prompted a high number of complaints. Lloyds Bank is working through their cases, but their response may take longer than usual. We appreciate that you’ll want to know the outcome as soon as possible.

How to make a PPI complaint after 29 August 2019.

Even though the PPI deadline has passed, there are a small number of scenarios where Lloyds Bank may still look at a PPI complaint submitted after the PPI deadline. These include:

  • Exceptional Circumstances. If the reason you did not complain before the deadline is due to exceptional circumstances.This means something really important happened. Such as, you were seriously ill for an extended period before the deadline.
  • Declined Claim. If you made a claim on your PPI policy that was live after 29 August 2017 and the claim was rejected.

If you think your PPI complaint falls into one of the above scenarios, you can make a PPI complaint by visiting the Lloyds Bank website, writing to Lloyds Bank, PPI Customer Services, BX1 1LT or calling them on 0800 151 0292 (from abroad +44(0)207 649 9015).

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