Setting up fingerprint login

Our new app uses fingerprint recognition technology to allow you to login effortlessly and securely by just popping your finger on your device's home button or fingerprint sensor.

You can set up fingerprint login when you use the app for the first time, or later if you like.

Setting up fingerprint on first login

Setting up in the app

Setting up fingerprint on first login

Read terms

Read through these and if you're happy, tap Accept.

Enter your user ID and password

You'll need to use the user ID and password you use for Internet Banking. If you can't remember your details, you can request a user name reminder and a password reset.

Enter your memorable information

Next you'll be asked to enter three characters from your memorable information. If you can't recall your memorable information, you can reset this through the password reset process.

Set up fingerprint login

If you have a fingerprint registered on your phone, you'll be offered the chance to activate fingerprint login. If you want to, tap Yes and type in your memorable information to confirm. You can skip this step if you don't want to login with your fingerprint or activate it later.

All done

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Setting up in the app

Go to Settings

Tap on the menu icon in the top left of the screen and select the settings icon.

Go to Device settings

Select the Device settings option.

Activate Fingerprint login

Under Fingerprint settings, tap on Turn on fingerprint login.


Tap Yes and enter your memorable information to confirm.

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Other features of our new app

Set up and amend standing orders within the app and cancel direct debits without having to plan time at your computer.


A handy currency converter tool that gives an idea of how much foreign transactions might cost you.

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