Cancelling a direct debit

Direct Debits are agreements you've made with companies to allow them to make charges to your account.
The company controls the regularity and the value of the charges but you can cancel at any time - and now you can do that in our app.

Go to your account overview

After signing into the app, find your current account and tap on the blue panel to view the account details screen.

Find Direct Debits

Swipe left on the transactions list until you see your Direct Debits.
Tap on the one you want to alter in the list.


Select cancel Direct Debit

If you want to stop further payments, tap Cancel Direct Debit.
It’s a good idea to let the recipient know that you’ve cancelled their Direct Debit.

Review and confirm

Check the information in the confirmation screen, enter your password and tap Confirm.

All done

Other features of our app

Log in effortlessly and securely using your device's fingerprint sensor (if it has one).

Set up and amend standing orders within the app and cancel direct debits without having to plan time at your computer.

A handy currency converter tool that gives an idea of how much foreign transactions might cost you.

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