Supporting you if you are worried about gambling

Gambling can mean different things to different people. Whether you play the weekly lottery, buy a scratch card every now and then, or put a weekly bet on your favourite football team.

But how will you know when gambling is becoming a problem?

Warning signs that your gambling might be getting out of control

  1. You’re worried about how much gambling you do?
  2. Your gambling is having an impact on your relationships?
  3. You’re struggling financially due to gambling?
  4. The thought of not gambling makes you anxious?
  5. You feel like gambling controls you, not that you’re in control of your gambling?
  6. You’re always trying to win back the money you’ve lost gambling?

You can take an online self assessment to find out how much of an impact gambling is having on your life at

GamCare TalkBanStop

TalkBanStop. A partnership between GamCare, GamBan and GAMSTOP to help anyone experiencing gambling harms to start their recovery journey.


For more information please visit

A few ways you can help yourself manage your gambling


You can exclude yourself from multiple gambling websites through GAMSTOP: To exclude yourself from multiple betting shops you can use the Multiple Operator Self Exclusion Scheme at To find out more about your options please visit

Software Blocks

Through TalkBanStop. - GamCare you can access a free blocking software licence from Gamban. This allows you to block access to gambling apps and websites on up to 15 devices like your mobile, tablet and laptop.

TalkBanStop. A recent partnership between GamCare, Gamban and GAMSTOP to help anyone experiencing gambling harms to start their journey to recovery. 

Other Support

Mental health and gambling charities can support you in managing a gambling problem. We know opening up to loved ones about gambling can be difficult, and these charities offer great advice and support to help you through these situations.

You may also need to proactively seek help to change your relationship with gambling. GamCare gives some great advice in their self care workbook. Self help - GamCare


There is lots of support available through third party charities who can offer you advice on gambling.

You can exclude yourself from multiple gambling websites through GAMSTOP:

You can also access a free Gamban blocking software licence from TalkBanStop. - GamCare which allows you to block access to gambling apps and sites for up to 15 devices.

You don’t have to tell us about a gambling problem. But if you do we will take the time to understand and support you. We can add a support indicator to your account, which means whenever we're talking with you, we're considering your support needs. To get in touch via our webchat use the blue tab on the right (selecting the 'personal accounts' option), visit your local branch or call us on 03459 658 758.

If gambling is impacting you financially, whether that’s managing your current account, struggling to pay your mortgage, or making card or loan repayments, our Financial Support Services team will be able to offer you support and guidance for helping you manage your finances. Visit our managing debt page.

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