Payment services

Faster Payments

Faster Payments allows you to make and receive payments to other UK banks at the touch of a button.


  • Fast. Most payments are sent and received in minutes, although sometimes it can take a couple of hours.
  • Convenient. Payments can be sent through mobile, online, over the phone and in a branch. You can even send payments to a mobile number without the need of a sort code and account number through our Pay a Contact (PayM) service.
  • Secure. You’re protected by our Fraud Refund Guarantee, which means if you’re clearly an innocent victim of fraud on your TSB account, we will refund the money you lost from your account.


CHAPS is a service that guarantees a payment is made on the same day you ask us to make it. The service is typically used for high-value transactions or situations where payments are time critical, such as buying a house.

There is a charge of £30 to use CHAPS and it is offered in all our branches. Payments must be in sterling only and must be sent before 4:25pm (Monday to Friday) to guarantee same-day delivery.

Features and benefits

  • Fast and backed by a guarantee. Payments are made from one account to another on the same business day and are irrevocable. This means recipients have peace of mind in knowing they can access the money immediately.
  • Reliable and secure. The CHAPS system is managed by the Bank of England and is one of the largest high-value payment systems in the world. 
  • Easy to arrange. Payments can be made for any amount, so there's no need to worry about cheque guarantee limits.   

Internet Banking

With our simple and secure Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services we're open anytime, anywhere so you can take care of your day-to-day banking exactly when you need to.