Do What Matters

An integral part of our business strategy, the Do What Matters 2025 plan brings together our social and environmental commitments to deliver a long-lasting and meaningful impact for our customers, colleagues, suppliers, communities, and the planet.

The plan is simple, yet focused, with three key themes: business essentials, people and planet. Its goals are focused on social and financial inclusion, fair business practices, and supporting a fair transition to a greener planet.

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Let’s get the essentials right

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We’re starting from a rock-solid foundation of responsible business behaviours. The things everyone expects of a credible, modern business.
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Let’s do what’s right for people

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We’re focusing on delivering social good by supporting financial and social inclusion, and encouraging fair business practice.
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Let’s do better for the planet

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We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and supporting our customers, colleagues, and those we work with to make sustainable decisions.
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