If you’ve got a Spend & Save account, you can earn £5 Cashback every month for up to the first six calendar months. This includes the month you opened your account, so accounts opened towards the end of the month will have reduced ability to earn cashback in the first month.

However, if you’re a new Spend & Save Plus account customer, you’ll keep earning the monthly £5 cashback until you close the account, change to another TSB account or TSB withdraws the offer.


How to earn Cashback

  • Earn £5 Cashback each calendar month, including the month you opened your account when you make 20 debit card payments or more each calendar month*
  • Paid into your account, you can put it into a Savings Pot or maybe just spend it on a little treat. Terms and conditions apply.
  • You are eligible for Cashback if you open a new Spend & Save or Spend & Save Plus account, which includes changing an existing TSB account, other than a Classic account, to a Spend & Save account. See Cashback terms and conditions.
*Cashback is only payable for the first six calendar months on Spend & Save accounts, including the month the account is opened. Not all transactions count towards Cashback, for example cash withdrawals and Direct Debits are excluded. See terms and conditions.