Save the Pennies

Saving so easy, you'll forget you're doing it.

Saving doesn't have to be complicated. That's why we offer Save the Pennies, a simple everyday way to save for the things you want. In fact, it makes saving so easy, you'll forget you're even doing it.

Every time you use your TSB Visa debit card we'll round up the amount you spent to the nearest pound and transfer the difference from your current account into an eligible TSB savings account.

You can use your own savings accounts or nominate a family member's savings account.

You can turn Save the Pennies on and off or switch your nominated saving account whenever you like through Internet Banking.

Save the Pennies is available for most TSB savings account, except Monthly Saver, Fixed Products and ISA Products.

We'll only make Save the Pennies transfers when your current account is in credit.

Online now

If you have a TSB Current Account and eligible Savings account, you can register for Save the Pennies once logged in to Internet Banking.

Register for Internet Banking and Save the Pennies

No Savings Account?

If you don't have a TSB Savings Account, you can open an eligible savings account online, or in your local branch. Find your local branch .

View savings accounts.

New to TSB?

You need a TSB Current Account to register for Save the Pennies.

Switch to TSB now

Register for Save the Pennies and every time you make a purchase with your TSB Visa debit card, we'll round up the amount you spent to the nearest pound. We'll then transfer the difference into your nominated TSB savings account the next working day.

You can cancel your Save the Pennies, or change the TSB savings account into which your 'change' is transferred through Internet Banking, or by visiting your local TSB branch.

Save the Pennies important information


  • You must choose:

a) a personal current account you hold with us, which has a Visa debit card; and
b) an eligible savings account which you or a family member or friend hold with us.

  • The TSB savings accounts that are not eligible to receive Save the Pennies transfers are currently:

Monthly Saver
Fixed savings accounts.

How it works

  • Every time you make a payment with your TSB Visa debit card, we’ll round up the amount you spend to the nearest pound.
  • The difference (known as ‘the pennies’) will be added to the pennies from your other Visa debit card payments made in the same day.
  • We’ll then transfer the total amount of pennies to your chosen savings account at the start of the next working day.
  • Whole pound payments will not be rounded up to the next pound, for example £1 will not berounded up to £2.
  • Save the Pennies transfers will appear on your current account and your chosen savings accountstatements as ‘Save the Pennies’.

Which payments apply

  • We’ll apply Save the Pennies to all Visa debit card payments both in the UK and abroad.
  • We won’t apply Save the Pennies if you use your Visa debit card to withdraw cash or to fees
  • charged for non-TSB cash machine withdrawals.
  • If any Visa debit card payments are later:
    • cancelled
    • reversed, or
    • you notify us as being fraudulent

the corresponding pennies will remain in your chosen savings account.

When we won’t make a transfer

  • We won’t make a Save the Pennies transfer if it will take your current account overdrawn or further overdrawn (whether or not an overdraft has been arranged in advance).
  • To work out whether the transfer would take you overdrawn or further overdrawn, we look at:
    • any money in your account to use
    • minus any card payments where the money hasn’t yet been taken from your account.

Joint and chosen accounts

  • If you hold a joint account we’ll apply Save the Pennies to any Visa debit cards issued to the joint account holders on that account.
  • All joint account Save the Pennies transfers must be made to the same chosen savings account.
  • You shouldn’t register for Save the Pennies unless the other joint account holders are happy for you to do so.
  • If you choose a family member or friend’s savings account, you won’t be able to give us instructions about the pennies once it is transferred to their account.

How can you cancel or change your Save the Pennies?

  • You can cancel your Save the Pennies or change your chosen savings account into which your pennies are transferred at any time.
  • You can do this:
    • in branch
    • using Telephone or Internet Banking.

Which other terms and conditions do you need to read?

  • There are other terms and conditions that cover your account. These are set out in the Personal Banking terms and conditions and the product conditions.

Information created on 1 July 2017, effective not before 5 November 2017.



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