Loan repayment holidays

If you’ve been impacted by COVID-19 and are increasingly finding things aren’t going to plan, a bit of financial flexibility can really help. We can give you some time out from your loan through a repayment holiday.

Repayment holidays are subject to approval. If you decide to take a repayment holiday, interest will continue to be charged and the length of your loan will increase, meaning you’ll pay more interest overall.

There are two repayment holiday options:

  1. Request a one-month repayment holiday. You can request up to two non-consecutive one-month repayment holidays every rolling 12 month period
  2. Request an extended repayment holiday for three consecutive months specifically to support any financial struggles during the current COVID-19 lockdown.

How to take a loan repayment holiday

Before you request a repayment holiday you will need to:

  • have made at least one repayment, and have a direct debit in place
  • be up to date with your loan repayments, or have missed no more than one payment
  • not be in the process of making a loan protection insurance claim
  • have at least 30 days remaining on your loan term
  • other factors may also be taken into account

Please note that interest will be charged if you take a break from your repayments or defer your payments, so you will pay more interest overall.


We pride ourselves on being a responsible lender

Repayment holidays are not intended to solve long-term money troubles, so if you're struggling to make your monthly repayments we have a range of options that may be able to help you. Contact one of our partners and we’ll happily discuss the options with you.


Things to think about

Taking a repayment holiday will extend the length of your loan and we will continue to charge you interest on your outstanding loan balance. We will advise you of the additional interest that will apply when you call.

Interest will be charged if you take a break from your repayment or defer your payments, so you will pay more interest overall. Repayment holidays are available if you meet certain conditions and are subject to our approval.


How to apply for a repayment holiday

If you’d like to apply for a one month repayment holiday, the quickest and easiest way is via internet banking. This way you will receive an instant decision and you can also check your eligibility before you apply. Or you can also call us on 0345 835 3861 or visit us in branch. Please note: you cannot apply for a three month extended repayment holiday via internet banking.

  • Log into internet banking
  • Select your loan from the ‘Your accounts’ screen
  • Click on the repayment holiday tab 

If you want to request a three month extended repayment holiday, you will need to complete out Loan Repayment Holiday Request Form. We will aim to complete your request within two working days, excluding requests made after 4pm on weekdays or over the weekend.

We will write to you to confirm whether your payment holiday has been successful and when you’ll need to start making future payments again.

Check out our privacy policy at for information on how your data is used.


Coming to the end of your initial repayment holiday?

  • Your regular monthly repayments will begin again as normal on the same date in the month you agreed with us before your repayment holiday.
  • We will re-instate your Direct Debit and you don’t need to do a thing. However, if you cancelled your Direct Debit during the repayment holiday, we may not be able to reinstate this for you. In which case please call us on 0345 835 3846 (lines open 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week) to make sure it’s in place before your repayment is due.
  • If we try to take your payment but it is unsuccessful, your account will automatically enter arrears. If this happens your credit file will be impacted.

We appreciate that this may be a difficult time and we want you to know that we’re here to help with any financial concerns you may have. If you’ve already had a three-month repayment holiday due to COVID-19 and continue to be impacted financially, please visit and complete the form so we can provide you with the right support.

If you’ve already taken a further extended repayment holiday (6 months in total), and continue to be impacted financially, please visit and complete the ‘income and expenditure form for sole account holders’ under the budgeting section. We’ll then call or email you within five working days to discuss your payment options and any further support we can provide you with.

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