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Request a redemption statement

If you're thinking of paying off your mortgage and would like to know how much you owe, we can provide you with a redemption statement. This will also show any Early Repayment Charge and Closing Administration Charge that may be payable.

How do I request a redemption statement?

Use the online form

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We use Adobe Sign for this kind of request.  Adobe will pass the information you provide to us in a secure manner and won’t process it in any other way.  Information on how we use your data can be found in our Data Privacy Notice.

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Other ways you can request a redemption statement 

If you’re the homeowner and you’d prefer to speak to us to request a redemption statement, give us call on 0345 835 3380. We’re here 8:30am – 7:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

If you’re a non-panel Solicitor or a third party requesting a redemption statement on behalf of someone else, you’ll need to give us call on the same number.

Explanation of terms

Early Repayment Charge
We offer different types of mortgage products with different interest rates. With some of these there may be a charge if you repay all or part of your loan within a certain period of time; we call these early repayment charges. Your Mortgage Illustration and offer letter give details of any early repayment charges that apply to you.

Mortgage exit fee
At TSB we call this the closing administration charge. This fee does not apply to new mortgages entered into, on or after 1 August 2007. Where this fee applies, the maximum amount payable is £50. The amount of the charge will show on your annual mortgage statement and in any redemption statement. We’ll tell you the amount of the charge whenever you ask. 

You may have to pay this if:

  • Your mortgage term comes to an end
  • You transfer the loan to another lender
  • Transfer borrowing from one property to another

Planned Source of Redemption Funds

As part of our commitment to Anti Money Laundering, we’ll ask you the origin of the money being used to repay some or all of your mortgage.