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Legal work and conveyancing

If you're remortgaging to us and your mortgage is between £5,000 and £999,999, we'll arrange for the standard legal work to be carried out for you free of charge. This may also be available on selected buy-to-let products.

By standard legal work we mean the legal work that relates to the lender's financial interest in the property. Normally you'd need to arrange for and pay a conveyancer to do this work, but provided you're happy for it to be carried out by one of our nominated firms of conveyancers, we can arrange it at no cost to you.

Non-standard legal work

There are some occasions even with a standard remortgage when there could be additional legal costs which you would have to pay. For example, there could be a transfer of equity or a Land Registry fee if your property is currently unregistered. Our conveyancers will let you know if anything like this applies to your remortgage.

If there is, we offer a fixed-price service that covers most eventualities. If you need additional legal work done, here's some examples of the work our conveyancers can do for you at the same time as doing the free standard remortgage work, and the fees:

  • Transfer of equity: £245 plus VAT
  • Deed of Postponement: £195 plus VAT
  • Obtaining a bespoke indemnity insurance policy (excl. policy premium) £45 plus VAT

Purchasing a home

TSB, in conjunction with its conveyancing partner, LMS has arranged a select panel of approved law firms for you to choose from when purchasing or selling your home. These firms have been carefully selected to deliver a fully managed, omni channel service for you at an agreed, upfront fixed cost.

Should you wish to select your own law firm, TSB has an extensive panel of approved law firms available to you. Please check with us to ensure your selected law firm is one TSB can transact with.

Separate Representation

On occasion, or given certain circumstances, it may be that one firm is to act for you and another firm is to act for TSB. This is known as separate representation. TSB has law firms ready to act in this regard.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of (or title to) a property from one owner to another.

Whenever you buy or sell a property or apply for a mortgage, either because you are moving house or are remortgaging in order to find a better mortgage deal, you need to appoint a conveyancer to look after your legal interests and ensure everything progresses to completion of the purchase without any unnecessary hitches.

A typical conveyancing transaction involves the exchange of contracts followed by completion. It is designed to ensure that the buyer is notified of any restrictions in advance of a purchase and secures the title of the property and land together with the rights that run with the land.

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