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Euro Medium Term Note (“EMTN”)

TSB enjoys a strong capital position and our unsecured debt issuance is an important part of this. It helps us to meet our regulatory requirements and meets our strategy of optimising the level and mix of capital and funding resources.

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Transaction Issue Date Amount Maturity ISIN  
Tier 2 Series 2021-1 30/03/2021 GBP £300m 30/03/2031 XS2324523237 Final Terms
Series 2022-1 13/06/2022 GBP £450m 13/06/2027 XS2489284500 Final Terms
Series 2022-3 09/12/2022 GBP £250m 09/12/2026 XS2561400396 Final Terms
Series 2023-1 05/12/2023 GBP £200m 05/12/2028 XS2728556684 Final Terms

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