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Limit Alerts

To avoid nasty surprises, We’ll send you a ‘Near Limit Alert’ to let you know if you have less than £50 of available funds in your account. We’ll send you an ‘Over Limit Alert’ text when you are over your account limit or when you do not have sufficient funds to make a payment. That way, you can move money to your account so that you can continue to make the payments you need and save having to pay Unarranged Overdraft Charges or Returned Item Fees.

Please refer to our Banking Charges Guide for more information on how you can avoid paying fees and interest.

High and Low Balance Alerts

This service lets you know if your balance goes above or below limits you set. It’s a great way to know if there’s some spare cash to transfer to savings, or if you should be thinking about topping up your account.

Daily or Weekly Balance Alerts

Tell us when a money update would be most useful to you and we’ll send a text with your account balance and details of your last six transactions.

Overseas Transaction Alerts

Nobody wants to find out that their bank account has been used fraudulently to get cash or buy something abroad. So to help you keep your account safe, if your debit card is used abroad, we’ll let you know and also tell you which country it’s been used in. If you didn’t make the transaction, tell us and we’ll look into it immediately.

Under 19s accounts

Under 19s accounts If you’re aged 11 to 15, with an Under 19s account, you can register for our Text Alert Services. Just pop into a branch with a parent or guardian to register.


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