Allowing someone else to help you manage your day-to-day banking

If you need help with your day-to-day banking, you can nominate someone you trust to access your account(s) and pay bills or withdraw money for you. This is called third party access.

Who’s it suitable for?

Third party access (also known as a third party mandate) might be suitable for you if you are unable to leave your home and you find it difficult to bank online, you are in hospital, you are travelling abroad for a while or are going to university.​

The organisations listed below can provide help and advice on other options that may be more suitable (such as a power of attorney). For example third party access isn’t suitable for customers who need help to manage their financial affairs because of their mental incapacity. Please be aware that if you start losing mental capacity an arrangement for third party access becomes ineffective​

Government website

Citizens advice

Office of Public Guardian (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Office of Public Guardian (Scotland)


More information

  • Your third party can carry out most day-to-day transactions on your behalf either in a branch or over the phone, although there are some things they won't be able to do. If you choose to go ahead, the forms you receive will clearly set out what your third party can and can't do on your behalf.
  • You can cancel any third party access at any time.
  • Your third party doesn't have to already bank with us, but if they’re not a TSB customer they will need to complete an initial identification process so we can set up third party access.

Tailoring our support for you

We understand there are lots of reasons you might need us to work with you differently, either in the short term or more permanently. This could be because of your physical or mental wellbeing, a life event you’ve experienced, or if you find yourself in a vulnerable situation.

To tell us about your individual needs and discuss how we can tailor our support for you, visit and use our chat service. You can also phone your local branch or call telephone banking on 03459 758 758 to speak to one of our advisers between 8am – 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Online Third Party Access Form

Complete the online form

To complete the online form you will need access to a smartphone to verify yourself using a Passport or Photo Driving licence.

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Please be aware that Adobe are a separate data controller from TSB, and any personal data you provide will be sent to Adobe and processed in accordance with their terms and conditions of service.

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