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Transferring credit balances

Received a refund because your travel, holidays or event has been cancelled? You can transfer a credit balance from your TSB credit card to your TSB current account.

My credit card is closed. How do I get the refund?

If your account is closed and you’ve received a credit, you can call card services on 0345 835 3846 (Monday to Sunday 8am to 8pm). You’ll need the details of the account where you want the credit sent.

I’ve had a refund and my credit card is now in credit. How do I get this money into my bank account?

If you have a credit balance on your credit card account, you can transfer this to your TSB current account by completing the credit balance transfer form. You can also chat to us in the app by selecting the chat icon on the top right of the screen, typing "Credit Balance Refund".

We use Adobe Sign for this kind of request. Adobe will pass the information you provide to us in a secure manner and won’t process it in any other way. Information on how we use your data can be found in our Data Privacy Notice.

Important to note

  • The current account and the credit card must be in the same name
  • We can transfer to a joint current account if the main credit card holder is one of the current account holders
  • If you do not have a TSB current account, you will need to contact Card Services 0345 835 3846 or go into a TSB branch

We can only return the credit that’s in your account on the day we make the refund. That might be different to the amount of the refund you’ve received if you have spent on your card, or if interest and charges have been applied to your account since you received the refund.

Any questions?

Yes, we cannot transfer credit if:

  • The credit card and the current account are not in your name
  • The credit on your credit card is as a result of a gambling transaction. You’ll need to contact the merchant who made the payment to ask them to re-debit the transaction
  • The credit on your credit card has come from a balance transfer. You’ll need to speak to the bank who made the balance transfer to ask them to recall the funds to your other card 

If we can carry out your request, the money will be in your bank account within 2 working days, so long as it’s submitted before 11am that day. 

When you complete the form, we’ll send you a copy by email letting you know we’ve received your request. 

If we’re unable to complete your request, we’ll send you a text message or email to let you know and ask you to contact us. Please make sure that your details are correct.

If we can complete your request, you’ll see the transaction on your credit card statement and current account statement. 

Some common reasons why we might not be able to process your refund include:

  • You don’t have a credit on your credit card
  • The details you have provided don’t match
  • The current account is not a TSB current account or you’re not an account holder for the TSB current account provided
  • The credit on your credit card is a result of gambling or a balance transfer transaction