Google PayTM

A new way to pay

You can now use Google Pay with your TSB credit and debit cards. This means that you can pick up your morning coffee without having to reach for your purse or wallet or make purchases in an app without having to enter all your card details. Just look for the contactless or Google Pay symbol in stores and apps.

Android Pay         Contactless Symbol

Google Pay works with most devices running AndroidTM 4.4 (KitKat ®) and higher that have NFC (Near Field Communication) capability. If you're unsure whether your phone is compatible, search for Google Pay on the Google Play Store. If your device is compatible you will be able to open or download it.

Making a payment in stores

It's easy to make payments for items up to £30 in store with Google Pay!
1. Check for the contactless or Google Pay symbols in the store.
2. When paying, check the amount on the terminal or with the cashier - this won't display on your device.
3. If you're happy, wake your device and hold it to the shops contactless payment terminal. You may be required to unlock your device.
4. Your device will vibrate or make a sound to confirm that the transaction has been successful.

Making a payment in an app

Some apps will give you the option to pay with Google Pay. If you see a “Buy with Google Pay” button, tap it and follow on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

Where can I use Google Pay?

You can use Google Pay anywhere that accepts contactless payments - from fashion stores and supermarkets to restaurants and coffee shops. See a list of stores and apps that accept Google Pay.



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