Opening a TSB Current Account

This page contains information for non-UK EU residents.

Why choose our Cash Account?

  • We're here to help make your money as convenient as we can, so you'll get all the useful things you'd expect of a current account,
  • You can pay in cheques and cash in branch at our counters, Immediate Deposit Machines, cash machines and pay in boxes.
  • You'll get control of your money round the clock through Internet Banking, Telephone Banking and Mobile Banking, as well as at over 550 friendly high street branches across Britain. You can also make withdrawals from any cash machine where you see the Link or Visa symbol, at home and abroad.
  • There's no charge for everyday transactions as long as you're in credit - and it's easy to set up, change or cancel your standing orders and most Direct Debits online, over the phone or in branch.
  • You'll also get a Visa debit card to use in shops, online, over the phone and at cash machines. And you can Save the Pennies every time you use your debit card, helping you save automatically.
  • You can pay in at the Post Office in thousands of different places across the UK, but please note that not all Post Offices provide this service - check the facilities provided at your local Post Office before visiting. (Paying in cash or cheques at the Post Office is not automatic and funds will take a day longer to reach your account than the equivalent transaction at a TSB branch.)

To complete your application you must have to hand and include:

  • Your income details, including your pensions and investments, if relevant
  • Details of any benefits you may receive
  • Details of your addresses and postcodes/zip codes for the last three years
  • Your employer's address, if relevant

And you must be able to confirm all of the statements below:

  • I do not have a current account with TSB or any UK bank
  • I am aged 18 or over - if you are aged between 11-17, you can find out more about our Under 19s Account
  • I am a non-UK EU resident

When you apply for an account with us you’ll need to meet our credit eligibility standards. Please note not all our accounts are available for all customers.

Before we open your account you will need to send proof of your identity and address to TSB
We will accept a certified copy of one of the following documents which must be sent to TSB as proof of identity:

  • Full and current passport
  • Current EU National Identity photocard (we dont’t accept ID cards from Romania)
  • Full and current EU photocard driving licence

Will we accept a certified copy of one of the following documents which must be sent to TSB as proof of address:

  • Full and current EU photocard driving licence (ONLY if not used for identity verification and MUST have your address on the document)
  • Bank statement dated within the last 3 months
  • Utility bill/utility statement dated within the last 3 months (excluding water bills or mobile phone bills). Bills/statements printed from the internet are not acceptable

Certification of your documents
A certified photocopy of these documents will need to be sent to TSB. We don't accept original documents sent by post . A certified copy of a document is a photocopy made by a registered professional who writes certain details to state that the document is an accurate copy of an original document they've seen.

We will ask you to give us some notarised copies of extra documents which explain what the account is for, and how you'll use it.

You need to be aware that the registered professional may charge you for their services. Any charge associated with certification or notarisation of documents will be payable by yourself and is non-refundable, even in the event that the application is not fulfilled.

You will need to make the certifier aware that they may be contacted by TSB to verify their certification. The TSB list of acceptable certifiers is:

  • Registered lawyer/solicitor
  • Registered accountant.
  • Certified copies must include the following details:
  • Name of certifier
  • Signature of certifier
  • Business address of certifier
  • Professional qualifications of certifier
  • Trade/industry association membership number (if applicable) of certifier
  • Contact details of certifier at his/her business address (including a landline phone number)
  • The date on which documents were certified
  • The wording must be in English and must read as follows:
  • For photo ID: 'I certify this is a true copy of the original and bears a true likeness to the individual'
  • For ID which does not contain a photo: 'I certify this is a true copy of the original'.

Please send these documents to:

Digital Banking Account Opening Team
Ariel House
2138 Coventry Road
B26 3JW

Non-UK EU residents apply now

Open an account online

This will take 10 working days from when we receive your application and identification

Apply for the non-UK EU resident Cash Account

Email our Cash Account Opening Team

If you’re a resident of a non-EU country, we’re sorry but you’re not eligible to apply for a TSB current account at this time.

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