Auto Balancer

If you’ve got a Spend & Save or Spend & Save Plus account, you can activate the Auto Balancer feature that lets you choose a minimum balance limit on your account.

If your balance falls below that, we’ll automatically move money from your chosen Savings Pot to top it up, as long as there’s enough money in there.

You’ll need the latest version of the Mobile Banking App to take advantage of this new feature.


Reasons to choose Auto Balancer 

  • If you hit an unexpected cost or go below a balance you are comfortable with, you’re less likely to slip into an overdraft
  • It’s easy to set up through our mobile banking app
  • You can also amend your limits, cancel this feature or change the Savings Pot the money is coming from at any time through our mobile banking app


How to set up Auto Balancer

Simply unlock your Savings Pot on your account and set up Auto Balancer through our mobile banking app