Current accounts

Whether you’re opening your first ever bank account, getting set for college or university, or just looking for an everyday account, we have something for you.

Monthly Saver

If you’ve got a TSB current account, you can save from £25 up to £250 each month. You can only have one Monthly Saver per customer.

Make as many withdrawals as you like to your TSB current account, although you can only pay in once a month by standing order and cannot replace what you have withdrawn.


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Switch your current account to us in just 7 working days

See how switching to us is easy and takes only 7 working days.

Current Account Switch Guarantee
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Financial Services Compensation Scheme


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Our service

Our new platform continues to deliver real benefits, including a faster mortgage applications process and new digital capabilities like identity verification on our mobile app. This enables us to support more customers right across the UK, and improving customer service in all areas of our banking offer remains a priority for us.

Our most recent customer survey indicates that 82% of customers rate the service they received from TSB as ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.*

* Results based on 4146 surveys between October and December 2019. TSB’s internal retail customer surveys are conducted online and via telephone with the survey running continuously.



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Independent service quality survey results

As part of an independent regulatory survey, customers were asked how likely they would be to recommend their personal current account provider to friends and family.


PCA Overall Service Quality


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Financial Conduct Authority - Service Quality Indicators

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TSB Complaints for second half of 2018

Like all banks, we share our complaints numbers twice a year at the request of our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to help customers understand banks’ overall performance.

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