Frequently asked questions - Using Apple Pay with your credit card

  • On what Credit cards will I be able to earn cashback?

The below cards are eligible for Apple Pay and will therefore receive cashback on their transactions:

  • Avios (MasterCards)
  • Avios (Amex)
  • Premier Avios (MasterCards)
  • Premier Avios (Amex)
  • Advance (MasterCard)
  • Classic (MasterCard)
  • Gold (MasterCard)
  • Platinum (MasterCard)
  • Student (MasterCard)
  • Trust Card (MasterCard)
  • From what date will I start earning cashback?
    You'll begin earning cashback straightaway.
  • When will I receive my first cashback payment?
    Customers will receive their first payment in January for any qualifying spend in November and December - and will receive their cashback monthly thereafter.
  • When in the month will I receive my cashback?
    Cashback will be paid by the 15th day of the following month. This means that cashback will normally appear on the following month's statement, unless your statement is produced before the 15th day of the month.
  • Do I earn cashback on all of my Apple Pay spend?
    You will earn 5% cash back on the first £100 of Apple Pay payments made from a TSB Amex or MasterCard Credit card each month. This means you can earn a maximum of £5 per month per Card.
  • Do I earn cashback on non Apple Pay Contactless transactions?
    No, you will only earn cashback on your Apple Pay spend.
  • Is the cashback taxable?
    No. Customers will not be taxed on the cashback.
  • Am I able to track my Apple Pay transactions?
    Your cashback will appear on your monthly statement and on your online banking. You can also track your last 10 Apple Pay transactions in your wallet, but not the cashback you have built up.
  • If I try to use Apple Pay but it fails and I'm asked to enter my card details, will this transaction still earn cashback?
    No. If you're required to make a card transaction you will not earn cashback.
  • If I have more than one Credit card, will I earn cashback on both cards?
    Yes, if you have a TSB Avios or Premier Avios account you'll receive cashback on the first £100 of Apple Pay transactions made from each of your TSB credit cards. If you have any additional cardholders on your account, they will not be able to register their additional card for Apple Pay, so will not be able to earn cashback.
  • Are 'In-app' Apple pay transaction included as far of this offer?
    Yes, you'll receive cashback on these transactions as part of your overall Apple Pay spend, up to the first £100 made using your TSB credit cards.
  • Will my additional cardholders earn 5% cashback?
    No, additional cardholders will not be able to register their additional card for Apple Pay, so will not be able to earn cashback.
  • How do I set my TSB card as my default card?
    The first card you add to your Wallet app is automatically set as the default for all Apple Pay transactions. If you wish to make your TSB account your default card, you can do so by going to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Transaction Defaults > Default Card.
  • Will cashback count towards my minimum monthly payment?
    No, you will still need to pay in enough money to meet the minimum payment shown on your statement each month.


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