Apple Pay security

A safer way to pay

Here's why Apple Pay is the safer, contactless way to make payments:

  • You don't need to have your card on you when you buy something
  • Every time you want to make a transaction with your iPhone or iPad, you'll be asked to authorise with Touch ID, Face ID or your Passcode
  • The Apple Watch is protected by a Passcode, which you're prompted to enter every time you wear it

What's more, your card number and identity aren't shared with the merchant. And your actual card numbers are never stored on your device or Apple servers.

What if I lose one of my devices?

Call us immediately on 0345 975 8005  if you think your Apple device has been lost, stolen or compromised, so that we can stop transactions on your account. You can also discuss any unrecognised transactions on your account by contacting us on this number. If you want to cancel your physical card/s, please call us on 0800 015 0030 . Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you've activated Find My iPhone on your device, you can suspend Apple Pay by logging into your Apple account and placing your device in Lost Mode. The Apple website explains how to set up Find My iPhone. But don't worry, if you suspend Apple Pay your physical cards will still continue to work. You can also remove the ability to pay with Apple Pay on your device by erasing it remotely using Find My iPhone.

Alternatively, you can prevent payments from being made by going to iCloud settings. Your cards will be suspended or removed from Apple Pay by us, even if your device is offline and not connected to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.

Need some more help?

From learning how to remove cards to the contactless transaction limit, we've listed answers to frequently asked Apple Pay questions.

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