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We understand that in difficult times, it’s tough to keep a small independent business going. And it’s even harder to make it grow. 

That’s why our partnership with Enterprise Nation has become more important than ever. It gives you free and instant access to a growing support network of small businesses and advisers, as well as renowned industry experts and pioneers.

It lets you tap into vital resources, expertise and connections, providing valuable experience, insights and knowledge. All of which can help you make decisions which will put your business in a stronger position to keep trading through coronavirus.

Enterprise Nation helps our business customers build and grow with:

  • A coronavirus business support hub with the latest information on government guidelines, support schemes and pro-active advice on how to keep trading.
  • 12 months free digital advice and support to help you take advantage of everything the internet has to offer with a five-minute digital check-up as well as expert podcasts, videos and weekly masterclasses.
  • Over £500 worth of exclusive discounts with big-name brands like Microsoft, Xero, Experian and GoDaddy.
  • Opportunities to promote your business within a community of 70,000 businesses. Meet journalists, funders and make invaluable connections at 300+ events nationwide.

If you’re a TSB business customer, you can find out more and sign up for free membership today here.

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If you’d like to open a TSB Business current account to take advantage of everything our partnership with Enterprise Nation has to offer, you can find full information on our range of business accounts and apply at

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Tap into a wealth of coronavirus-specific support.

A one-stop shop for the latest coronavirus business news, with government information, support schemes, services and events. Need specific answers quickly? You can even put your questions to Enterprise Nation’s experts and they’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours. To stay updated, visit

Empowering women in business with the She’s Got This campaign.

shes got this empowering women in business

Only 1 in 3 UK entrepreneurs is female: a gender gap equivalent to 1.1 million missing businesses, according to the recent Rose Review. That’s why we’re supporting Enterprise Nation’s initiative ‘She’s Got This’ to help address some of the key issues stopping women from starting a business and help more women in the UK to start, grow and scale their businesses in 2020. For more information visit

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Coronavirus hot topics from Enterprise Nation.

Keep calm and get back on track: how to run your business when things don't go to plan

When running a business, things don’t always go to plan. Here are some tips on how to identify problems and fix them, so you can get on with running your business and doing the fun stuff you enjoy.

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Managing your cashflow during the coronavirus crisis

In times of crisis, your cashflow dictates whether your company will survive. Business owners are working hard to ensure they have the cash they need to keep up and running. Here are the key steps you’ll need to follow to develop a survival plan.

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Improve communication in a remote team

Remote working can reduce office costs, create a greater pool of job applicants, as well as potentially increasing productivity and employee retention. So get the latest advice on how to build stronger foundations for your remote teams.

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Guidance for businesses keeping customer records with NHS test and trace

Hospitality and other businesses are now re-opening all over England. Many are being asked to keep details of visitors, customers and staff to help detect people who have recently come into close contact with a COVID-19 sufferer. If this affects your business, here’s what you need to know.

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