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Text alerts

You can use our free text alerts service to keep track of your finances with SMS updates sent directly to your phone. Set it up by logging in and finding ‘text alerts’ in your account tools.

Choose the notifications you want

Nobody wants to be bombarded with constant alerts, which is why you can choose:

  • Daily or weekly text alerts
  • Which business accounts you receive alerts for
  • Another user to receive your texts

Each text will show your current balance and the last six transactions. We'll send text alerts between 7am and 10am. If you set up weekly alerts, you can choose which day to receive them.

How to sign up for text alerts

You can register for text alerts by calling 0345 835 3858 and going through the automated system, or by logging into Business Internet Banking and selecting ‘text alerts’ in your account tools.

Charges may apply if you receive text alerts while overseas. To avoid this charge, you can pause text alerts in Internet Banking.

For more information on text alerts, read our Business text alerts user guide.