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Cards for Business Banking

At TSB we want to make sure all of the businesses we support have the flexibility and support they need. We offer a Debit Card for your business and make sure you’re protected online with ClickSafe.

Our cards

Business Debit Card

Having a TSB Debit Card for your business banking account is a convenient way to withdraw money from a cash machine or pay for goods and services without writing company cheques.

Business Credit Card

We no longer offer TSB Business Credit Cards and we discontinued our cards for existing customers from 11 May 2021.

Switch your business bank account to TSB?

It’s easy to make TSB your business’s main bank account. We’ll move you over fully in just 7 days and your switch is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Choose to switch to us and pick the date you want to switch your business account to us.

Our switching team will transfer your old account, including Direct Debits, standing orders, and receipts from your customers and existing payees.

Your switch is complete. Any payments to or from your old account will be automatically redirected to your new account for 3 years.

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Currency conversion calculator

Our calculator helps you see the total cost of your currency charges, and how this compares to the European Central Bank exchange rate.

This can only be used for European Union denominated currencies, in a European Economic Area country.