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Change your account online

If you want to, you can switch your existing Classic Plus or Classic Enhance account to a Spend & Save account. The fastest way to do it is with our online form. 

We use Adobe Sign for this kind of request. Adobe will pass the information you provide to us in a secure manner and won’t process it in any other way. Information on how we use your data can be found in our Data Privacy Notice.

Earn £5 cashback

When you make 20 debit card payments or more each month, up to the first 6 months.

Savings Pots

Create up to 5 savings pots, saving a maximum of £5,000 in each, and earn 2.92% AER variable.

Save the Pennies

Round up your card payments to the nearest pound and save the pennies.

What happens when I convert to a Spend & Save account?

All your everyday banking stays the same, but with the benefits of your new account.

  • You’ll have the same account number and sort code, and you can keep using your existing debit card
  • All your Direct Debits, Standing Orders, and regular payments will remain in place and unchanged
  • If you have an Arranged Overdraft, that’ll stay in place and unchanged

How long will it take?

Once you’ve submitted the form to change your account, we’ll convert it within 14 days and let you know by email when it’s all done.

The name of your account will also change in Internet Banking and the app unless you’ve previously renamed your account.

If there’s a problem converting your account, we’ll be in touch.